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Alive in the Spirit Conference 2021

Venue: Join us online in a private Zoom group just for Bosco!

Thursday 8 July 
6.30pm              Gather Online (bring your own meal and say hello to each other) 
7pm - 9pm         LIVE: Opening of Conference, plus liturgy 
9pm                   Sharing in Small Groups 
9.30pm              Closing Prayer

Friday 9 July
9am             Parishioners meet on zoom
9.15am             Opening Prayer

9.20am – 9.45am     Introductions and check in.

10am – 11am       Keynote – Richard Lennan
11.15am             Workshops - 3 choices

11.45am             Debrief & Discussion

12.15pm             Workshops - 3 choices

12.45pm         Debrief 

1.15pm             Lunch 

2.00pm             LIVE: Check In 
2.15pm            Workshop - 3 choices 

2.45pm             Debrief 
3.15pm             LIVE: Networking Opportunities 
3.45pm - 4pm     LIVE: Closing of Day Two Reflection, Q&A, Prayer 

4pm – 5.30pm     Explore Exhibitions, Delve Deeper, Sacred Spaces 

7.30pm             Keynote – Richard Lennan (repeat of morning) 
9pm                 Small Group Discussion (daytime parishioners join) Introduce and share experience of keynote and day 
9.30pm             Closing Prayer 

Saturday 10 July 
9am             Parishioners meet on zoom
9.15am             Opening Prayer
9.20am – 9.45am      Group Catch Up – Introduce and share experience 
10am – 10.45am       Keynote – Leisa Anslinger 
10.45am                   Sharing in Small Groups 

11.15am                 Workshops 
11.45am                 Debrief 

12.15pm                 Workshop Five 
12.45pm                 Debrief 

1.00pm                 Lunch 
1.45pm                 LIVE: Check In 

2.00pm                 Workshop Six 
2.30pm                 Debrief 

2.45pm                 Networking Opportunities

3.30pm – 4pm         Closing Ceremony 

4pm                      Next steps Small groups – brainstorm next steps for our community, 

                            Closing Prayer 
5pm Close