Leaf plaque checklist

Purchase checklist for a Leaf Plaque.

When you wish to purchase a Leaf Plaque we ask you to do the following things:

__  Carefully read and satisfy yourself that you understand the Policy and Operating rules.

__  Satisfy yourself that you understand the rules regarding the style of the Leaf Plaque.

__  Complete the application form as directed, preferably on the Parish web site.  Leaf Plaques will be placed in the next available space from the top of the tree.

__  Pay for your leaf at the time of completing the application form or prior to completion. Payment may be made by providing your Credit Card details on the application, or at the Parish Office on Tuesday to Friday.

__  We recommend that you advise close friends and family that you have purchased the leaf, and let them know where to visit the Memorial Garden Tree of Life.  

When ready, return to Applications.