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A Columbarium is a wall of niches to hold the ashes of our loved ones. We will initially have two columbarium walls, but we have space within the Memorial Garden, and Council approval, to increase to eight walls as the need arises. We will name each of the walls as they are installed in the garden.

One of the initial columbarium walls will be named St John Bosco and the other St Mary Mazzarello.  There will be 67 niches in each wall, 40 on one side and 27 on the other.  Parishioners may apply now and reserve the niche(s) of their preference.  Availability of niches at this time is shown in this link Available niches. If someone applies for the niche you have selected before you, we will give you a call to discuss alternatives.

Please press on the following to read the Policy for Columbarium and Memorial Garden

Please press on the following word to apply for a niche Applications

Please note: No flowers, flags, decorations or other memorabilia will be permitted inside or attached to our Columbarium.

A Columbarium niche costs $990 (inclusive of GST).  If you are also applying for a Niche Memorial Plaque at the same time, that will cost a further $440, totalling $1430.