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Memorial Garden and Columbarium - The Planning with pictures

The concept early in 2013:

Annette and Les Milross raised the concept of a memorial garden beside the Engadine Church and Fr Mick Court (pp) offered his support and encouragement.

The Committee formed in October 2013: 

Fr Mick formed a committee of interested parishioners to explore the possibility. The committee consisted of Annette and Les, Father Mick, Joan Moylan, Brian Carnegie, Helen and Kevin Gurney. The committee commenced exploring what had been created in other parishes in the Shire and around the State of NSW. 
They spoke with cemetaries, parishes, builders and other experts to determine what was possible.

They selected the suitable position for the garden and slowly began to design the layout of the garden.  They presented the concept and possible landscape design to parishioners and sought feedback.

Stage of the project Feb 2014:

Community feedback was sought and was overwhelmingly in favour of the project - with suggestions and reservations noted.

Possibilities were explored, requirements of church and state were explored, costs were explored and a budget forecast prepared.

The Finance Committee agreed on the financial viability of the project.  

A few possibilities were modelled and were shown at masses over the 16/17 November 2013 at Engadine and 24th November at Heathcote.  

These models were also placed at JPV Hub to be looked at and feedback given.  The model was then left in the foyer of the parish centre for quite a few weeks.

Stage of the project June 2014 - Aug 2014:

Council and Archdiocese approvals were sought and granted. The DA reference was DA14/0595. A Statement of Environmental Effect was prepared for Council.  The walls and statue were selected and ordered through Globe Memorial Company Pty Ltd. 

Construction Phase January - May 2015:

Years of planning took a giant step forward on 25/2/15 when the Tree of Life, columbarium walls, and statue of the Risen Christ where lifted into place in our Memorial Garden. 

Two walls have been installed initially and foundations were laid for two additional walls when required in the future. Council approval was granted for eight walls.

Landscaping commenced on March 2, with paving completed March 16 and the fern garden on April 1.