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Mass/Religious service Registration

The Prime Minister has told us that only 100 people can gather at any internal gathering - another measure to help halt the Coronavirus!
Latest guidelines (Friday) - 4 sq meters per person indoors as well as outdoors.
This creates many challenges for us ...???

I have created a way to register for masses at Engadine and Heathcote.
I ask you to register for the mass - and if you are a family of 4 ... please register 4 times!  I apologise for the effort required to do this.
The tool will stop taking registrations once it reaches the set number.   

I have reserved spaces for the musicians, lectors, altar servers and acolyte - so they do not have to register.  
Their parents, spouses or other children will need to register.

I fear some people will be turned away this Sunday :( ... and I know this will not be understood by some people.   They will struggle to embrace this directive of our Prime Minister and Archbishop in an effort to work with health authorities to help break down the paths of the virus spreading.  

At both churches, we will be very conscious of 'social distancing' - you will be guided at church.

Please be patient as we work out what is the best way for us to respond to this important directive.
Please pray for God's guidance and wisdom to find a way through this, and support for those who find themselves struck down by the virus.

We are living in uncharted times and along with many Churches, our challenge is to come up with new ways to do church and keep connected in our faith during this time. This is all done within a commitment to following directions and recommendations given by the archdiocese, local state and national authorities.   

Sat Vigil and Sunday Masses at Engadine 21/22 March 
(click to register at Engadine masses)

Sat Evening Update

6pm Sat       Mass is full
8am Sun       Space for 9 people
9.30am Sun  Space for 25 people
6pm Sun       Space for 25 people

Click to register for Baptisms
Kiara Finnerty: Baptism at 11.15 am
Sat Evening update 30 spaces left

- Parker Roy: Baptism 11.15am
Sat Evening Update 40 spaces left

 Poppy HowardBaptism
2 noon
Sat Evening Update - 5 spaces left
Sunday 22 March Heathcote Masses
(click to register at Heathcote masses)

Sat Evening Update

7.30am       Mass is full
10am Sun    Space for 6 people