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Parish 'connection' during Covid-19

ISOLATION.  We all find it a challenge. Little to do other than work on the computer, google information, watch Youtube, Netflix or Stan, watch an old footy game, or maybe play computer games.  Perhaps you'd prefer attend Fr Mick's Mass from last weekend every day.  Perhaps just a chat with your spouse.  

We have a number of parishioners who have NO INTERNET!!  Maybe No spouse. Maybe No work. 

Now that is ISOLATION!!!!  We want to help them in a variety of ways:

Connection with parishioners needing a ‘Hand Up’

Covid-19 is causing difficulties for Parishioners in so many ways.  

In Engadine Parish, for many years, we have had a team of parishioners working behind the scenes to help local people through difficult periods in their lives. St Vincent de Paul Society, often known as Vinnies, are here to help.  We are concerned about the well being of Parishioners who now find themselves out of work, through no fault of their own, and income streams drying up. Many who have never been in this position before, not knowing where to turn, or what to do.

Should you find yourself in this vulnerable position we would like to hear from you, and see how we might help provide a ‘Hand Up’.  Please complete this short registration form and we will be in touch with you shortly. If you prefer you could call us on 9548 0570.  

Should you know of another parishioner in this position, please steer them our way.

Connection with Parishioners without internet - Transcripts

We are able to transcribe Fr Mick's Homily and 'catch ups' each week, and we were going to mail them with the Bulletin each week.  The latest phase of restrictions makes it almost impossible. So we need your help with delivering the updates. What process will we follow?:
  1. Think of a neighbour or two (living within a couple of streets) who doesn't use the internet?
  2. By Tuesday afternoon each week, we will attach the transcript document and the bulletin on this page.
  3. We ask you to wash your hands thoroughly before printing the documents.  Maybe use gloves if you have them.
  4. Place the transcript in an envelope, maybe with a note from yourself.  
  5. When you go for your daily 'health walk' deliver the envelope to their letterbox. 
  6. If you know their phone number, give them a call and let them know it is in their letter box and that fellow parishioners are thinking of them.
The homily from the 13th Sunday of Ordinary Time, 28 June 2020 and The Bulletin.  Note: All Masses will resume on 4 & 5 July, with restrictions on the number of people in the two churches.  Everyone has the option to register for these Masses via the link in the right column above.  So, this will be the last transcript of Fr Mick's homily.

Connection with Parishioners via Phone Ministry

We have established a Phone Ministry as a means of keeping a connection for parishioners - especially those who are elderly, ill, lonely, homebound, etc.  Undoubtedly, during this period of isolation with Covid-19 the need will grow.  Some may be fearful of what is happening or what is coming next, and just need reassurance.  We will not be counsellor, just a friendly ear for those who may appreciate a call.

We are establishing a group of parishioners who will have a few phone numbers of people they call each week or so. They will just be asking how they are going, if there is anything the Parish can help with and advising them of what is available from the Parish eg. Online Mass, or printed deliveries. At the end of each call they will ask if the parishioner would like to be called again.

Would you be interested in either being called, or being a caller? No pressure. You may know of parishioners who might appreciate being phoned.  If so please complete just a couple of details on this document. 

We will provide callers with a few conversation starters or questions you might like to ask.

If you would like to know more before responding please call Gayle Anderson 0498 982 327, Brian Anderson 0424 941 309 or Michelle Court 9773 4174.

Revised process for Direct Giving and 1st collection donations

During the pandemic, our Parish will continue to employ our office staff, youth workers and Sacramental coordinator. They will serve parishioners in some of the same ways they normally serve us, and in many new, and very different ways. Staff salaries and other Parish expenses continue.  If you are able to continue your financial contributions during these difficult times it will as always be gratefully accepted. To contribute you may use the Secure Payment button showing at the top right o the web page and use Biller Code ‘Planned Giving’ for your Direct Giving contributions or code ‘Other’ to support our Parish Priests. Alternatively you may deliver your envelope to the Presbytery letterbox.           THANK YOU SO MUCH

Mass Link for email only Parishioners

Some Parishioners are unable to use internet, Google, YouTube, etc, but do have the ability to send and receive emails.  If you know such people, I suggest you send them the following link in an email click on this link and it will take them direct to the Mass.  They only need to press the ‘play ➤’ button when the video comes on screen.  We will update this link each week on the webpage.