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Parish Live Liturgies

We are excited that our Church doors are opening again!!!

This page is the information to Guide our community regards live liturgies.

For the immediate future, the Sunday Masses are at normal times - please register online to save time when you arrive.

Our weekday live masses/services.


Mon. 8am           Mass                                                (Coordinator - Ian & Pam Macdonald)

Tues. 8am           Mass                                      (Coordinator - Joe & Barbara Wessen)

Wed. 8am -         Lay Led Liturgy with communion          (Coordinator -  Jeanette Joseph)

Thurs 8am          Mass                                                      (Coordinator -  Philomena Oborn)

Fri      2.30pm     Mass - this is live-streamed - so you cannot register for it.

Sat     11am        Mass                                      (Coordinator - Joe & Barbara Wessen)

Cushions can be taken and used individually but not communally. Take one and bring it each time you attend.


Engadine:       Using Mazzarello chapel.

Mon   9.20am      Lay Led Liturgy with communion        (Coordinator - K. Grant)

Tues  7.30pm     Mass.                                                  (Coordinator - )

Wed. 9.20am      Mass.                                                   (Coordinator - )

Fri.     9.20am     Mass                                                   (Coordinator - Debbie Strudwick)

Process of Registering for week day services:

List provided at the start of a service.

Role of Co-ordinator:

At Start:   Tick off people who arrive - add new names

At the End: Be sure the area used is wiped down.

Remind people of Social distancing in the gatherings if needed. Records name and phone/email of anyone who has not registered.


Reconciliation - (no set times just yet)

  • Heathcote uses the curtain (or penitent uses a mask brought along by them).

  • Perspex screen for Engadine

  • Book times online or at the office:  record names of those attending


Sacramental program

 At this stage, it appears we do not have the resources to cover all the requirements.   We are aiming for first communions in Nov.

Prayer Groups:

Request based.

Co-ordinator, recording of names and addresses, and hygiene guidelines are required.