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Vision and Mission

Groups talk about Vision and Mission in different ways.

We see the Vision as where we are going and Mission is some of the steps on that journey. NASA used to have a vision of Exploring Space. Their Mission at different times was to go to the moon. Or at another time to get outside of the solar system. Or at another time to land on Mars.

Our Vision

A faith community,

growing with Christ and his Church,

building the Kingdom of God in the Salesian Charism  

Our Mission

We live our vision in the Salesian charism. St John Bosco our founder invited us to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus via the gifts and emphasis of St Francis de Sales - thus the name Salesian.

Loving Kindness was a key path of Bosco

- as was a preferential heart for the young

- as was the concept of Pro-active Presence.

Every work under the Salesian charism strives to be;

  • a home that welcomes

  • a parish that evangelises

  • a community that prepares for life

  • a playground where friends can meet and share.