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Visiting Clergy or Religious

Visiting Clergy/Religious involved in ministry
at St John Bosco Parish.             (From January 2017)

Welcome to our parish,

The Safeguarding Office of the Diocese has reminded us of our responsibility to record details of visiting clergy in our Register. We ask you to fill in the google form and sign the doc. in the sacristy.

For Clergy with a Ministry Card:

• You are asked to have this sighted by the Parish priest, Assistant Priest, or Secretary.  We will check expiry date of the card and that SYD is indicated on the card.

For Clergy with Sydney Faculties but without a Ministry Card:

• WWCC Number         • Date of Birth; and         • Proof of Faculties (Pagella).

For Clergy without Sydney Faculties: – Prior to an event, visiting clergy must email or post the relevant forms to the Archdiocese of Sydney (all are found on the homepage of the Archdiocese of Sydney website under ‘Information for Visiting Clergy’ tab): • Towards Healing Declaration; • Statement of Good Standing by Church Authority Declaration • WWCC details form (please choose the form according to your home location).

With thanks

Fr Michael Court (Parish Priest)