Members of the Parish Pastoral Council Sept 2016 to Sept 2017
PPC Responsible for Different Areas (Sept 2016- Sept 2017) Leadership and Structure - Joe Dal Forno & Alison Grant Liturgy & Worship - Fr Leo

Youth - Peter Halpin & Ian Anderson                 Pastoral Care - Bernadette Winn &  Susan Van Duuren

Formation & Education - David Dunn & Kim Mannix Mission  - Fr Jose & Paul Henville

Youth Minister - Matt Humphreys Parish Priest - Fr Mick Court

May PPC Meeting Summary

1. Matters arising from the April Minutes.

None. Accepted by Peter H, Seconded by Fr Mick

2. Affirming and supporting parish groups

  1. Feedback on NCL Survey (link to survey results)
  2. How do we want to celebrate and affirm the people of our church?
  3. How do we want to identify the key insights from our survey feedback?
  4. How we want to deeply reflect on our results in order to set future direction, or pursue a vision?

With a number of apologies the PPC members will go away to explore the following ideas,

How to evaluate our results from the survey - David D - ACTION

How to communicate the results from the survey - Peter H - ACTION

How do we plan and act - Ian A - ACTION

All members of the PPC to take a look at the survey and does the three questions above. Also look at Post Survey  Link to Post NCLS survey

  • Feedback from Social Justice Group - Sue

This Sunday 21st May at 3:00PM. Melodies of Maliana - 98 tickets sold. Are a few to come to the door. $25.00 a ticket. Should be a great event for raising money for Maliana.

  • Feedback from Teachers gathering - Pete H

The teachers gathering was an initiative that was created by Fr Mick looking at how many teachers in the Parish (over 80 teachers). Meeting to connect teachers for networking, reflection, sharing. Very similar to the gratitude meetings - 40 teachers with a liturgy last week. A very positive experiance. Next one is in August.

  • Feedback on Pastoral Groups Liturgy and gathering - Sue

Three main group, St Vincent De Paul, John Paul Village Carers and The Caring Group. 30 people or so. It was a lovely liturgy and then had tea and cake and people stayed around for an hour and mixed well. Met new people and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It was the impression that they felt affirmed and that is the purpose of this. The little things you do add up to the big picture.

Feedback as provided above from Kim’s groups all groups try and collect the same information in their dealings with their group as a roll over on the agenda.

  • Other Communication with Parish Groups

  • Invitation for a group’s representatives to attend June PPC Meeting - Invite GTK members to come to the PPC meeting and tell us what they do. 15 mins and a Q&A. Peter Halpin to send an email to Matty H - ACTION

3. Supporting the clergy

  • May 7 - Lay preaching at Mass - Report - Trying to empower people and help people realise their potential - very positive feedback. Fr Mick heard 4/6 of the preaching and they were all very good. We should as a Parish discuss to make this part of our structure, perhaps an annual thing. Fr Mick would like more people to be involved with this process. All the people felt enriched as well as the people who received the gift.

  • Suggestions for PPC members to join in October 2017 - PPC members to go away and think. Report back next meeting with names. Suggestion that Parishioners may make suggestions to Fr Mick directly for consideration.

4. Encouraging and Activating Parish Events

50th Anniversary of the Blessing and Opening of the Parish Church:

  • Feedback from Committee meeting on 22 March - Sue

  • Made a list of people who we should invite.

  • Photo exhibition of all the different groups. Display. As the PPC, could we get in touch with the various groups.

  • Run articles (leader and Catholic Weekly)

  • Video

  • Photos on the day (the Kingsley’s)

  • Children's activities on the oval and a BBQ on the oval

  • Joan will coordinate mass through Liturgy Committee

Our roll on the PPC is to ask for photographic stories from our various groups during our normal communications.

  • Social Justice Fundraiser for Maliana: College Theatrette: 21 May

5. Other Business

Gabrielle Kingsley - Corpus Christi Procession … support for this? She can have the procession before Sunday 6PM mass or at Heathcote. Can’t do it at 9:30 as it will interfere with Baptism. Fr Jose will work out with her how it could work.

New member of the Knitting group - Mrs Pamela MacDonald

6. Next Meeting

15th June. Sue to do Prayer