WHY DOES the Parish Pastoral Council EXIST?

To LEG up the parish groups!

To link, encourage and grow our parish groups!

Members of the Parish Pastoral Council Sept 2018 to Sept 2019

PPC Responsible for Different Areas (Sept 2018- Sept 2019)
Leadership and Structure - Fr Mick Court, Kevin Grant
         Liturgy & Worship - Fr Leo, Gabrielle Kingsley

                Youth - James McMahon, Ed Noak     

                            Pastoral Care - Kim Mannix

                                      Formation & Education - Ian Anderson, Marcel Arendse

                                                Mission  - Brian Anderson, Anthony Weir

Parish Priest - Fr Mick Court

May PPC Meeting Summary

Present: Fr Mick, Gabrielle Kingsley, Kevin Grant, James McMahon, Ed Noack, Kim Mannix , Fr Leo, Anthony Weir, Ian Anderson, Marcel Arendse

Apologies: Brian Anderson

Matters Arising:

Kim accepts the minutes and Fr Mick seconds them.    


  • Ian got the chocolates and they were given to the nurses in JPV

  • Plaques have been set for NAIDOC mass. All is on track

2. Link:

  • 1.1   Leadership and Structure - (Kevin Grant & Fr Mick)  


  • 1.1   Leadership and Structure - (Kevin Grant & Fr Mick)   

Organisational Structure diagram for the parish.  20 mins - Discussion - questions and comments.

  • Sale of the JPV has created a complexity to the Parish - Mick has come up with an organisational structure. Finance side. We need an operations manager (new position), ftp - many functions answers to the Parish Priest. Also, PLT - Now named the Mission Leadership Team, drives and animates Mission in the Parish.

  • Mission team - Strategic Planning what would we like it to look in 5 - 10 years time. We’ve developed some structure. How do we do the ‘visioning’?

  • Examine our Parish in terms of Religious Experience, Community Life, Biblical and Doctrinal formation and Missionary commitment. - How can these be goals that are achievable and measurable?

  • PPC - We LEG up the Parish how can we help? Can we put as a standing item on our minutes exploring these same aspects? How can we assist the 6 people on the MLT with our access to the various ministries we work with? ACTION

  • Also how can we marry the ethos of the Parish with the St Vincents ethos? Meeting with them and Kevin who had a very positive meeting and they will form a team to develop a plan.

  • Kevin to send the document to share with our groups “What would our Parish look like in 4 years time with the current experiences, and community at the moment?

  • ACTION - speak to our group to think and dream about these possibilities

  • ACTION - Spend some time next week discussing the question from the MLT

  • The Question for us and our Groups “What would you like to see our Parish look like in four years timein regards to some or all of the following headings?

  1. Religious Experience,

  2. Community Life,

  3. Biblical and Doctrinal formation

  4. Missionary commitment

  • 1.2   Liturgy & Worship - (Fr Leo & Gabrielle Kingsley)

   Update on Sacramental Programs.

  • Men’s groups offered information to assist from Lenten groups.

  • What programs exist - especially with Advent which will be our next goal?

  • 1.3   Youth - (Ed Noack & James McMahon)

  • Youth are getting ready for winter camp and leadership day. Some leaders don’t see each other very regularly.

  • Formation group - older post antioch linking people? Assist

  • ant and youth minister putting feelers out there.

  • 1.4   Pastoral Care - (Kim Mannix)

  • Had afternoon tea from Pastoral care team. Things are continuing. All doing well. Patiive support most different but considering changes, it’s still very solid.

  • Iris - Rosary Beads - Small group - Spotlight helps us connect.

  • 1.5   Formation & Education - (Marcel Arendse & Ian Anderson)

  • Liz - Bob Delaney helping with catechists

  • Simone - Kay Macadam - Big help with Chirldrens Liturgy

  • Margaret Keys - Has been speaking with Marcel about catching up and listen to her work with her ministry.

  • 1.6   Mission - (Brian Anderson & Anthony Weir)

Auxiliary Groups -

JPV update - Fr Mick

3. Encourage

What is possible here?   Projects?

Ian shares dreams where to next?

Anyone else have a questions/dreams?

4. Grow
  • New initiatives for the Parish


    Making sure our groups can approach us with anything regarding safeguarding

6. Prayer next meeting: 


7. Next Meeting

20th June 2019