PPC - Parish Pastoral Council

WHY DOES the Parish Pastoral Council EXIST?

To LEG up the parish groups!

To link, encourage and grow our parish groups!

Members of the Parish Pastoral Council Sept 2019 to Sept 2020

PPC Responsible for Different Areas (Sept 2019- Sept 2020)
Leadership and Structure - Brian Anderson, Kevin Grant
         Liturgy & Worship - James McMahon, Gabrielle Kingsley

                YouthMouna Roche, Ed Noack     

                            Pastoral Care - Marcel Arendse, Philomena Oborne

                                      Formation & Education - Fr Leo

                                                Mission  - Melissa Bryant, Anthony Weir

Parish Priest - Fr Mick Court

August PPC Meeting Summary

Present: Fr Mick, Gabrielle Kingsley, James McMahon, Ed Noack, Anthony Weir, 

 Brian Anderson, Marcel Arendse.   

Apologies: Fr Leo, Kim Mannix, Kevin Grant, Ian Anderson

1. Matters Arising

Gabrielle accepts the minutes and Fr Mick seconds them.    

ACTION - Reports on Groups response to MLT document?

Follow up Kay - regards Advent Groups?     Action: We volunteered Ian to follow up Kay.

Follow up regards Plaques?  Action:  Brian to follow up. Maintenance team are mounting the Engadine plaques tomorrow (15/08)

2. Standing Items

Any issue regards safeguarding?  No issues at this stage.
Concern that a lot of people in the parish are not up to date with our training.  They may have done training in their area …Question about numbers?  How many have gone through, and how many are expected?

Discussion was had around the difficulty - but also the advantages of it were talked about.

Help us protect kids.   Discussion around culture in a school vs culture in the parish.  How can we win them over for our parish?

Training to be the eyes and ears for our childrens and the vulnerables safety.

Tara is putting it on the PACS database.

3. Link

Reminder:  Remain as a three year term, with an option with the Parish Priest that it continues to a fourth term.         Suggestion List

Brian stepping down from Chairperson - Discernment of Chairperson for 2019-20.  Marcel Arendse

Discern Secretary.  Gabrielle Kingsley

Plan September meeting - Saying goodbye and thanks to Ian (EN) and Kim (KG)

Welcoming the 3 new people.    (Introduce themselves, Vision and Mission, Structure)

Food - organise.  3 or 4. Just snacks.

Intentional discipleship.

  • 1.1   Leadership and Structure - (Kevin Grant & Brian Anderson)   

  • 1.2   Liturgy & Worship - (Gabrielle Kingsley & James McMahon)

  • 1.3   Youth - (Ed Noack & New member) 

  • 1.4   Pastoral Care - (Marcel Arendse & New member)

  • 1.5   Formation & Education - (Fr Leo)

  • 1.6   Mission - (Anthony Weir & New member)

Plan October meeting - 2nd Nov.  8am start .. .11am mass … 1pm lunch at Birdcage. BOOKED

4. Encourage

  • Communications Team - Jerard, Tara, Ian - looking for others?   Ed Noack - to come on board. Y11’s and 12’s and get community service hours.

  • Look at the diocese getting an app such as Push Pay.

Question for each of the Groups:   
Check - where are they?   What is their focus at this time  Aug 2019?

  • 1.1   Leadership and Structure - (Kevin Grant & Fr Mick)   

  • 1.2   Liturgy & Worship - (Fr Leo & Gabrielle Kingsley)

  • 1.3   Youth - (Ed Noack & James McMahon) 

  • 1.4   Pastoral Care - (Kim Mannix)

  • 1.5   Formation & Education - (Marcel Arendse & Ian Anderson)

  • 18 Couples on the ME weekend.

  • Archdiocese thrust .. Intentional Discipleship - conferences in Sept.  - Sherry Weddell - link  

  • Confirmation 17/18 Aug.

  • 1.6   Mission - (Brian Anderson & Anthony Weir)

Exhausted Spotlight - Mission … Formation and Education.   

Look if there are any groups who have missed them?         

Action: James to check and now list the groups to go.

5. Grow

Sacraments 17th - 18th August - Confirmation - 

The youth are leading our music at the 11.30am and 2.30pm

Be loud and proud!

6. Prayer next month

Kevin Grant