WHY DOES the Parish Pastoral Council EXIST?

To LEG up the parish groups!

To link, encourage and grow our parish groups!

Members of the Parish Pastoral Council Sept 2018 to Sept 2019

PPC Responsible for Different Areas (Sept 2018- Sept 2019)
Leadership and Structure - Fr Mick Court, Kevin Grant
         Liturgy & Worship - Fr Leo, Gabrielle Kingsley

                Youth - James McMahon, Ed Noak     

                            Pastoral Care - Kim Mannix

                                      Formation & Education - Ian Anderson, Marcel Arendse

                                                Mission  - Brian Anderson, Anthony Weir

Parish Priest - Fr Mick Court

March PPC Meeting Summary

Present: Fr Mick, Ian Anderson, Gabrielle Kingsley, Kevin Grant, James McMahon, Anthony Weir, Ed Noack, Brian Anderson, Kim Mannix , Fr Leo

Apologies: Marcel Arendse

Matters Arising:

KIan accepts the minutes and Kevin seconds them.

2. Link:

Parish Census - Purpose (connections - fill gaps) and Logistics.

Missing information for our Parish - Fill in the gaps - the choosing of the data is under consideration.

PACS database - Can store a variety of information - Donations, Baptisms, WWCC, Compliance things, Names, addresses, email, mobile or phone number, careers, skills, where are they drawn to (list our 6 areas). Leadership team could look at the data. Would you like to be contacted?

Improve communication - email the bulletin?

How often do we update or census?

Question for each of the Groups:    
Check - where are they?   What is their focus of the group for 2019?

  • 1.1   Leadership and Structure - (Kevin Grant & Fr Mick)  

Sale is close - St Vincent's are the successful applicants

Complex conditions

Group are working towards to presenting to the Parish

PLT - Strategic Plan - focus on Mission

  • 1.2   Liturgy & Worship - (Fr Leo & Gabrielle Kingsley)

                    Gabrielle updated the homepage

                    Contributions for facebook

  • 1.3   Youth - (Ed Noack & James McMahon)

    • Reports on

    • Antioch weekend in March 15th-17th - A great help from the Parishioners. Very happy and a great thanks to the Parishioners. It was fantastic. Someone even donated cold meats for every meal. Wow.

Sports mass: - Learned a lot - Room for improvement - is 9:30 the right mass?

Leadership Camp - go away and make a weekend of it. Maybe Marist Farm house. Leading up to Winter Camp.

Large influx of youth activity across all groups, let’s keep momentum and continue to encourage these groups!

  • 1.4   Pastoral Care - (Sr Hieu & Kim Mannix)

         Kim - Host shaped card to include people who need eucharist to the sick. Could someone chase them up - bit more time and attention - Could be very appropriate. Perhaps link more with Bryan Coupland.

  • 1.5   Formation & Education - (Marcel Arendse & Ian Anderson)

  • 1.6   Mission - (Brian Anderson & Anthony Weir)

Anthony went to the movie - was very successful.

Brian went to the social justice meeting. A couple of requests

Indigenous plaques - Brian said that SCS was purchasing them for Primary and     Secondary Schools and that the Parish would fund three plaques and they would be blessed at the NAIDOC mass in June and formally placed at a later stage. They wanted to say thank you.

Social Justice group is still struggling with members - would like assistance in growing their team. They also need a help in the upcoming square dance.

3. Encourage

Easter Red Pill or Blue Pill?   Bulletin is all about our groups!!

What is possible here?   Projects?

4. Grow
  • Parish Calendar - Parish calendar 2019

    (Heartbeat and overview tabs)

    New initiatives for the Parish

    Changes to JPV with a new provider - St Vincent’s Health      

    What is possible here?   Projects

6. Prayer next meeting: