WHY DOES the Parish Pastoral Council EXIST?

To do LEG work for the parish!

To link, encourage and grow our parish groups.

Members of the Parish Pastoral Council Sept 2017 to Sept 2018

PPC Responsible for Different Areas (Sept 2017- Sept 2018)
Leadership and Structure - Joe Dal Forno & Alison Grant
        Liturgy & Worship - Fr Leo &

                Youth - Matty H. & Ian Anderson     

                           Pastoral Care - Brian Anderson & Kim Mannix

                                            Formation & Education - Sr Hieu &

                                                            Mission  - Fr Jose &

Parish Priest - Fr Mick Court

January PPC Meeting Summary


Present: Fr Mick, Fr Leo, Fr Jose, Kim Mannix, David Dunne, Joe Dal Forno, Brian Anderson, Sr Hieu, Ian Anderson, Ed Noack, Alison Grant, Matt Humphreys

1. Matters arising:

Fr Mick  accepts the minutes and Ian Anderson seconds them.

2. Link

Affirming and Supporting the Members of the PPC - Fr Mick welcomes Anusit who is a decon that comes from Melbourne to learn about our Salesian community.

We honour the memory of Tanya Laws and the impact she and her family has had on the community.

Matt has been doing renovations and has been reminded of the Gospel story “store up good things in Heaven”.

Alison’s grandson Wyatt has been sick and has an appointment for his trachea.

Sports Mass

ACTION - Ian to coordinate and Joe and Alison to help and they will look to find sporting groups to help (see above).

Update from Ian and Alison

Parish Groups:

Group structures for the coming year

  • Leadership and Structure - Joe Dal Forno & Alison Grant         

  • Liturgy & Worship - Fr Leo & Ed Noack

  • Youth - Ian Anderson & Matt      

  • Pastoral Care - Brian Anderson & Kim Mannix

  • Formation & Education - David Dunne & Sr Hieu               

  • Mission - Fr Jose & TBC

2020 Review update - Fr Mick

  • Implications for the PPC -

  • Feedback  - Awareness of the formation of a Mission group. We are looking at how Parishes will look in 2020. A group has been meeting more than once a week to look at our Parish structures. A lot of work has gone into how these groups will look and work. A change of awareness in people will need to occur. The Mission group will look at linking Parish groups and the autonomous parts of our Parish (ie schools, etc).

  • Groups list will be amended when the 2020 strategy group has gone to Parish assembly and everyone is happy but until then, we will continue as per normal.

PPC membership

  • ACTION - Advise Fr Mick of ideas directly (qualified names).  Determine interest for the PPC. Have conversations with people who may be suitable. Next meeting we will check and amend the list.

Succession Planning - Fr Mick/Matt

  • After 8 years, Matt is stepping back from Youth Matters

  • Last 2 years young adults have had a taste of ownership of our Youth Ministry

  • Now is time for them to really step up

  • Raqael Lisboa has just finished her university degree, and is going to take on nurturing the next generation

  • Matt will continue with his role in Youth Ministry at the College in 2018

John Paul Village update - Fr Mick

Dan Casey is the CEO for at least the next year. He wants to implement the further changes and and the staff are right behind him in assisting him leading the JPV into new and better places.

3. Encourage

ACTION - PPC members to reflect on the Ministry Plan and determine what additional detail needs to be built out in the plan

Fr Jose suggests that we on the PPC use the Ministry Plan to begin a conversations with the groups. A tool for us to collate information on each group to see how they grow and develop. Kim suggests the reconnection early in the new year, especially in the build up before meetings to get their conversions being discussed at our meetings. Continue to discuss with the groups their challenges, their hopes and their successes

4. Grow

 Concept of Heartbeat of the Parish!

  • Providing structure around major events each month in the Parish - unify groups and magnify specific events.

  • PPC Choose one event per month to emphasise.  

  • Communicate to the parish e.g. Bulletin board - use this to highlight areas of focus

  • ACTION - Cloud caption for PPC’s current focus - Nov/Dec/Jan - Kim

Upcoming events (and support required)

  • Feast of St John Bosco - 4 February

  • LENT

  • Ash Wednesday

  • Kindy Welcome Mass

  • Rite of Election - RCIA

ACTION - Priests to prepare homilies together. 4 Feb Celebration of St John Bosco

ACTION - Put the new parish theme on the cloud board

ACTION - Heartbeat of the Parish goes into the Prayers of the Faithful for the year.  Fr Leo/Ed

ACTION David Dunne - Create a template for people to be able to share their story / experiences to send out to groups -


  • Feedback from PPC members on other events they’ve attended?

  • How did your attendance help you to link, encourage the groups and help them / you to grow?

  • David Dunne attended the Children’s mass for Christmas windy however well attended, many people who attended were not regular but it was great that they were participants. Great way the parish came together to make it such a great mass.

5. Prayer

Ian to do Prayer next meeting - 15th February