Members of the Parish Pastoral Council Sept 2016 to Sept 2017
PPC Responsible for Different Areas (Sept 2016- Sept 2017) Leadership and Structure - Joe Dal Forno & Alison Grant Liturgy & Worship - Fr Leo

Youth - Peter Halpin & Ian Anderson                 Pastoral Care - Bernadette Winn &  Susan Van Duuren

Formation & Education - David Dunn & Kim Mannix Mission  - Fr Jose & Paul Henville

Youth Minister - Matt Humphreys Parish Priest - Fr Mick Court

February PPC Meeting Summary

The continuing engagement of the PPC in the SOAR process: Discussion

  • Gratitude for people who are engaged in the Liturgy: Fr Mick to report about the gathering.

Fr Mick went to the liturgy committee and gave gratitude for those involved in liturgy. ABout 65 people turned up. Encouraged Fr Mick to do it more and encourage other groups to do the same.

  • Suggestion: Run similar events for those involved in Youth ministries and Pastoral Care.

Perhaps do Pastoral Care first and do it with Youth later when Matt H can join us. 17th of May is the proposed date for the gratitude celebration for Pastoral Care Group. 7:30 - 20 minute liturgy acknowledgement of groups and nibbles.

Peter Halpin, Fr Mick and Sue Van Duuren to plan the refreshments, liturgy and communications.

Pamela MacDonald is the new leader of the knitting group.

Antioch Weekend: 21-23 April

1/2 April weekend for talks. Peter needs to know who will be at the mass

6:00 pm Saturday - Ian

8:00am - Peter Halp

7:30am - Heathcote Joe D/F

9:30am - Kim

6:00 pm Sunday - Alison

10:00 am Heathcote - Joe D/F

1 PPC meeting to support the youth doing their talks and sign up people to give assistance. Can we possibly assist to find people to pick up meals (breakfast lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday). Peter to speak to Richard about details.

Bosconian: PPC feedback on some suggestions from Jerard Barry (Alison)

Jerard to write for the Bosconian. He wants feedback about how many pages, are we happy with his approach on looking at Parish Priests tenure. Hoping to get others to offer articles too.

Perhaps look at generational reflection (70+, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Millennials, ask Primary school kids). Strongest Memory of the Church, what draws you to our church, possibility. Perhaps this way rather than a chronology. Perhaps a question that celebrates some people's longevity in the Parish.

Groups to be invited for discussion and have it recorded.

Getting people together will stimulate memories. “Memory gatherings!!”

Peer groups have a lot to share. Pass these ideas onto the committee. Next committee meeting 22 or 23rd (wednesday next week). Alison to speak to Jerard Barry to report to the committee. The Committee can make start while Jerard is on pilgrimage.

Supporting the clergy

    • Parish 2020: significance of participation.

    Important for the growth and changing nature of Parishes. Helping people to be aware of changing demographics, the nature of priesthood in Australia among other things.

    • Easter Celebrations - suggestions/ideas from the PPC

    Many ideas were tabled to increase contentedness to the season, create the celebration and to encourage those who do not regularly attend.

    Fr Mick can speak to Primary School students about being involved

    Ian to draft an email for the Liturgy committee and send it to Brian Coupland about some of our suggestions.

    • Sacramental Programs: suggestions/ideas.

    Many ideas for Sacramental programme to connect the Parish body with the people taking a sacrament. Increased Parish involvement in the journey and greater contentedness for the parishioners

Encouraging and activating events in the Parish

50th Anniversary of the Blessing and Opening of the Parish Church:

  • Update: upcoming meeting on 22 March

Subcommittee needs to be formed with the PPC as soon as new PPC members are introduced in October.

When Fr Mick organises the 2018 calendar, a date for 2018 will be chosen either last week of February or early March

Alison to assist people walking down with bats and balls

Ian did flyer

Alison and Joe now contacting groups. Ian is contacting the schools

Maryanne emailing the Catholic Weekly. Ian to liaise with him.

Kim to follow up organising prayers etc

Stewardship group are happy to help. Alison and Joe to talk to them again. Their role to include hospitality. Last year Antioch ran BBQ.

Ian doing the presentation.

Meeting again 28th of March last time 18 April

Could we possibly use the Children’s liturgy book?

Other Business

Announce in advance the Jubilee celebration. 8th October. Could it go into the announcements in the bulletin but ahead of schedule. Put on the website, Fr Jose to take the role of announcement in the Parish.

Relink our goals. Consolidate our goals on a sheet. Peter Halpin.

Do we do something with them. How do we remind ourselves of our goals / aims of the PPC.

Social Justice group having a fundraiser for Maliana. Sue is attending a meeting tomorrow to find out the plans. 21st May 2017. Another one being held 14th October. The first one is being held in the High school Hall. October one is in the Primary School Hall.

Next Meeting 20th April