Members of the Parish Pastoral Council Sept 2017 to Sept 2018

PPC Responsible for Different Areas (Sept 2016- Sept 2017)
Leadership and Structure - Joe Dal Forno & Alison Grant Liturgy & Worship - Fr Leo

Youth - Peter Halpin & Ian Anderson                 Pastoral Care - Bernadette Winn &  Susan Van Duuren

Formation & Education - David Dunn & Kim Mannix Mission  - Fr Jose & Paul Henville

Youth Minister - Matt Humphreys Parish Priest - Fr Mick Court

August PPC Meeting Summary


Fr Mick, Fr Leo, Fr Jose, Ian Anderson, Kim Mannix, Paul Henville, David Dunne, Sue Van Duuren, Sr Hieu

1. Matters Arising: Ian accepts the minutes and Fr Mick seconds them

2. Affirming and Supporting the Members of the PPC - Personal Sharing Time.

Feedback from the Knights of the Southern Cross - Men's alive Weekend approaching. Encourage men to attend. Ian and Joe are already going

PPC Members to summarise the feedback from their groups so that we can provide the summaries to Jerard barry

3. Supporting the clergy

Invitations to prospective PPC members

Feedback from Fr Mick.

Fr Mick has spoken to three of the four people for the next PPC. They all said yes to be on the the PPC.

Robert Norvall

Mouna Roach

Grainne Harris

All said yes

Fr Mick made the suggestion for person number 4. Could we ask Brian Anderson? Fr Mick will call him before next meeting.

Brian has said yes

Election of PPC Officers Positions for 2017/18

  1. Chair: David Dunne

  2. Co-Chair: Kim Mannix

  3. Minute Taker: Ian Anderson

Parent Ministry Program: Fr Mick

Fr Mick found resources around parent ministries. Sacraments in families. Fr Mick wants to move away from the Parent Ministry that he ran a few years ago but do something similar. Working with families and the family educator. Fr Mick wants the PPC to keep their eyes open for people who want to nurture families. Have an awareness. Needs a dimension of faith for this to work.

Not a programme. Just tons of resources. Comes from a USA youth worker who began ministering to youth by ministering to their parents.

Strategic Planning Group are meeting next Tuesday Parish 2020

Paul and others are working on a committee. They will be asked to dream about what will happen in the Parish in 5 -10 years and the Parish will need to begin to ask in that time. They may not have solutions but they may have proposals. Strategic thinking that could be returned to the PPC.

Marriage Equality plebiscite:  Fr Mick

Fr Mick has written about it in the bulletin. The Archbishop Anthony Fisher has also released documents to Parishes.

Year of the Youth. 16-29 participate in a survey for Year of the Youth. Church wants to hear from young people.  Fr Mick will discuss this with Matt about the direction of this.

4. Encouraging and Activating Parish Events

50th Anniversary of the Blessing and Opening of the Parish Church:

  • Update on the progress of celebrations - Sue

People are very organised. Organising pictures for the screen (inside and in the hall), a visual history. Morning tea in the hall. Liturgy team all over it. Choir having rehearsals. Sent out invitations. SOme RSVPS come back. Some priest have duties unfortunately. Next meeting in 10 days.

7.35 pm: Ian McDonald and Alf Vassallo to present on the Men Alive Weekend.

Ian and Alf encourage as many people to register to attend Men Alive weekend including members of the PPC.

5. Any Other Business

Planning Day in October - 21st October (Sue Van Duuren will be away, Sr will be in Rome).  Begin at - David, Kim and Fr Mick to organise the day.

ACTION - David to organise a meeting for him, Kim and Fr Mick to get together to plan the October meeting.

How do we engage the groups and minister to them? Sports mass - Fr Mick to contact George Lazarus

Food for the September meeting

6. Prayer

Sue to prepare prayer for next meeting