Members of the Parish Pastoral Council Sept 2017 to Sept 2018

PPC Responsible for Different Areas (Sept 2016- Sept 2017)
Leadership and Structure - Joe Dal Forno & Alison Grant Liturgy & Worship - Fr Leo

Youth - Peter Halpin & Ian Anderson                 Pastoral Care - Bernadette Winn &  Susan Van Duuren

Formation & Education - David Dunn & Kim Mannix Mission  - Fr Jose & Paul Henville

Youth Minister - Matt Humphreys Parish Priest - Fr Mick Court

July PPC Meeting Summary


Fr Mick, Peter Halpin, Fr Leo, Fr Jose, Ian Anderson, Joe Dal Forno, Kim Mannix, Alison Grant, Paul Henville, David Dunne, Sue Van Duuren

1. Matters arising

Kim accepted the minutes. Seconded by Alison

2. Affirming and supporting parish groups

Reflection Bosconian - Feedback from PPC members regarding what their groups feel are their things worth celebrating for 2017.

Kim’s responses from groups

We need to target our groups this month and discuss this as a big effort for our next meeting. Gather the data and make it a major discussion point next meeting. This will assist Gerard Barry when he puts the October Bosconian together

3. Supporting the clergy

Decision by PPC members regarding the four replacement members to commence in September 2017.

NB: Will Bernadette Winn’s replacement serve for a 2 year period?

Replace Peter, Paul, Sue

The PPC discussed names on the list and Fr Mick is going away to discuss with these people

Preparing the Parish for future challenges - Fr Mick

Some of these challenges relates to Parish 2020. Diocese making a lot of decisions. Brian Fitzgerald and Kevin Grant been going to the meetings and want the Parish to begin thinking about strategies as a Parish about what are the questions for our Parish in 5, 10, 15 years time so as these issues unfold, we have already begun thinking about it and make good decisions. Fr Mick wants to form a group that could do this thinking.

Parish Centre Update - Fr Mick

We had two tenures. Both were over budget so we have had to think about possibilities. We want something to last. We want something relevant.

4. Encouraging and Activating Parish Events

50th Anniversary of the Blessing and Opening of the Parish Church:

  • Update on the progress of celebrations - Sue

Hoping for photos of the various ministries past and present for a photo board and to put around the church.

Very well organised group. Organised still photos, video the mass, entertain the children after the mass, morning tea. Slide history of the Church. Liturgy committee meeting this month to finalise organisation. Another meeting next week and all things will come together then.

  • Men Alive Report - 16 /17 September Fr Mick

Kim and Bernadette - to help with catering pass on the info to Alf.

Knights of the Southern Cross had a good response for this. Fr Mick encourages all men to think and give time for Men Alive. Good cross section of ages too. Should be good. The schedule has been created. It will be held in the Primary School Hall.

  • Sacramental Programs Update - Fr Mick

Confirmation is happening second weekend of August.  12/13th

Reconcilliation over Tues, Thurs and Sat of September  5, 7 & 9th.

Communion is in October over two weeks  15th & 22nd Oct.

19th November also has First communion

5. Any Other Business

Shelly White and Ruthy Werner new leaders Caring groups

Kim wanted to share an affirming prayer that we can use with our groups

Peter Halpin - Call Matt H

Kim Mannix - Call Dr Hieu

Regarding the minutes of the meeting

6. Prayer next meeting

Paul Henville