WHY DOES the Parish Pastoral Council EXIST?

To LEG up the parish groups!

To link, encourage and grow our parish groups!

Members of the Parish Pastoral Council Sept 2017 to Sept 2018

PPC Responsible for Different Areas (Sept 2017- Sept 2018)
Leadership and Structure - Joe Dal Forno & Alison Grant
        Liturgy & Worship - Fr Leo & Ed Noack

                Youth - Raqael Lisboa & Ian Anderson     

                           Pastoral Care - Brian Anderson & Kim Mannix

                                            Formation & Education - Sr Hieu &

                                                            Mission  - Fr Jose &

Parish Priest - Fr Mick Court

November PPC Meeting Summary

Present: Fr Mick, Ian Anderson,  Sr Hieu, Brian Anderson, Gabrielle Kingsley, Kevin Grant, James McMahon, Fr Jose, Anthony Weir, Marcel Arendse, Fr Leo, Ed Noack, Kim Mannix


Matters arising

Ian accepts the minutes and Kevin seconds them.

Safeguarding - Gayle Anderson - Parish report to the Archdiocese - We now have two safeguarding officers - Elaine Phone and Gayle Anderson. Continue to foster safe environments for the young and vulnerable. Fr Mick has a link in thes minutes on how we have managed to achieve the 10 standards of the Royal Commission and we will be audited on this. Gayle is confident we are achieving our mission.  

ACTION: It is called that we need Safeguarding as a standing item on our agenda.  Kevin Grant will work with Gayle on this standing agenda


Check - where are we?

  • 1.1   Leadership and Structure - (Kevin Grant & Fr Mick)

    • PLT - Beginning to launch practical things - what is the most important things they need to do right now. Forming structures.

    • Plenary council - over 60 people have been involved, information has been summarised and will be presented and the information will need to be taken away for potential changes to the Parish.

    • Session information will be presented to all the parishioners soon.

    • Timetable and meetings approaching for The JPV working Party to facilitate the transfer JPV to the new provider

  • 1.2   Liturgy & Worship - (Fr Leo & Gabrielle Kingsley)

    • Music ministers met -

      • Number of people who come late to Engadine.

      • Many of these people are buying music - can the Parish assist?

      • Perhaps an annual meeting

    • Meditation group - doing well and people have come from outside the parish and taken ideas back to her Parish

    • Lectors - Struggling to get readers for Heathcote. Is it possible that the preface is announced in Heathcote  

  • 1.3   Youth - (Ed Noack & James McMahon)

    • Christmas on its way - cabaret, Raqael will need help with it

    • Wrapping up as school winding down

    • Ramping up to summer camp, doing a leadership recruitment/training retreat

    • Antioch has been struggling - next weekend will probably be held off until April.

  • 1.4   Pastoral Care - (Sr Hieu & Kim Mannix)

    • Norma ask about meetings - Sr missed the last meeting and organised another meeting to see how everything is going. OFfered support to the Pastoral Care group.

    • Safeguarding training was raised for them to contact Gayle.

    • Bosco Caring Group - Jenny Piper - no meetings - Looking to reach out to young families who need help.

    • Rosary beads with Iris - they meet in their homes - suggestion - Rosary beads to the RCIA initiates.

    • Bob Delaney - All members are prepared with WWC checks - Gayle and Elaine's appointment went unnoticed by Bob - rehighlight.

  • 1.5   Formation & Education - (Marcel Arendse & Ian Anderson)  

    • Simone Fry - Children’s liturgies - struggles - meeting  in January

      • (School 10,11,12 - community service, Antioch, Youth Matters, Other teachers, run a one day course - Do WWC Check and safeguarding on the day - lunch/hosp). When meeting, Marcel to attend.

    • Liz Paine - Catechists - Meeting in January too. Seems settled and strong but wants to share her hopes, dreams, direction and struggles.

    • Access the

  • 1.6   Mission - (Brian Anderson & Anthony Weir)

    • Anthony met with the various Men’s & associated KSC groups - had many discussions with the groups about roles, function, structure, people.

    • RCIA - Candidates are moving from inquiry to be received at the right of welcome (6:00PM Sunday).

Vision Statements: do PPC members know these?

Parish - A faith community growing with Christ and his Church, building the Kingdom of God in the Salesian Charism.

PPC - To Link, Encourage and Grow the Parish Groups.

Safeguarding -  Welcoming, cherishing and protecting our children and the vulnerable so they may worship and grow with Christ.

Youth - Supporting our youth in a catholic faith journey, by being the face and hands of Christ, in a Salesian community.

Hope:   “ We hear the music of these vision statements! - and then dance to these songs!”


i)  Report on what people have done with their groups.

  1. Be there

  2. Affirm groups contribution

  3. Tell about the work of the PPC

Spotlight Parish Groups  - Thanks.

When see - Parish Contacts

Parish Bulletin

You have this much space for the group, up to five lines at this font.  Give thanks or highlight what they do … I think it is good to name some of the people.     Try not to advertise directly - our goal is to encourage and support the parish Group.

Who will volunteer to MONITOR?  And set up the table for the future? (James - to fill in a column in the Contacts Spreadsheet so we all know when our turn is.)

Kim Mannix will be the monitor


New initiatives for the Parish

   4.1   Plenary - update.

Do we as a PPC need to answer this questions in our context?

4.2       Safeguarding Update



Safeguard Training - Archdiocesan Site

Registration Form  to get your username and password for SALT

Salt link - which is the online training …


  • National day of Sorrow and Hope - 1st/2nd December

Add newsletter link from our provincial … MC

Advent:  Building a Spiritual Crib that Christ might be birthed from within us; Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. (24th/25th Nov)

RCIA - Rite of Welcome 6pm Sunday (18th November)

Spiritual Grow our Parish?

Report: Gabrielle’s homework - now that we have all read the booklet we`ll be having a test.

JPV situation

Engadine Fair


Look to involve Parish - College - Primary - JPV and Dulea

Last PPC Meeting 17th December - Ed - Drinks

Fr Mick - Wine

Brian Cheese and Biscuits

Ian - Chips and dip

Gabrielle - Cake

Nibblies - Kevin

Prayer next meeting: Kim