WHY DOES the Parish Pastoral Council EXIST?

To LEG up the parish groups!

To link, encourage and grow our parish groups!

Members of the Parish Pastoral Council Sept 2018 to Sept 2019

PPC Responsible for Different Areas (Sept 2018- Sept 2019)
Leadership and Structure - Fr Mick Court, Kevin Grant
         Liturgy & Worship - Fr Leo, Gabrielle Kingsley

                Youth - James McMahon, Ed Noak     

                            Pastoral Care - Kim Mannix

                                      Formation & Education - Ian Anderson, Marcel Arendse

                                                Mission  - Brian Anderson, Anthony Weir

Parish Priest - Fr Mick Court

May PPC Meeting Summary

Present: Fr Mick, Gabrielle Kingsley, Kevin Grant, James McMahon, Ed Noack, Anthony Weir, Ian Anderson, Marcel Arendse, Brian Anderson

Apologies: Kim Mannix, Fr Leo

Matters Arising:

Fr Mick accepts the minutes and Kevin seconds them.    


  • How can we assist the 6 people on the MLT with our access to the various ministries we work with?

  • speak to our group to think and dream about these possibilities - Regarding Kevin’s document. See Gabrielle’s Emails

  • “What would you like to see our Parish look like in four years time in regards to some or all of the following headings?

  • Religious Experience, 

  • Community Life, 

  • Biblical and Doctrinal formation

  • Missionary commitment

ACTION - Pros and cons of 4 year terms - Discuss?

ACTION - Get in touch with your groups this week - Use the subheadings

  • Put it in subheadings.

ACTION - Starting Time

2. Standing Item: Safeguarding

Making sure our groups can approach us with anything regarding safeguarding

3. Link

Communications Team - Communication Group? Bosconian, Social Media, Website, Instagram - One voice of the Parish

  • Parish Communication Team.    (from Bulletin)

    One of the big challenges in every group these days - and for families and for you and I is communicating!   We are looking for a team of people who see the importance of communication, and are willing to be part of our Parish Communications Team.  The first specific task will be to help bring the Bosconian to the community a number of times a year. A few people have already put their hand up to be part of this team, but we are looking for a few more with vision, skills and passion.   The breadth of the teams role would be to continue to support and evaluate our means of communication (website, bulletin, etc) and explore other possibilities in this area. If you are interested or know someone you believe have gifts in this area, please contact Fr Mick.

    History of how this has evolved - John Casey - and experience in forming MLT.

    My idea - this is a Tool to help grow and link our parish … 

    Your thoughts, suggestions around this concept and how to make it real?

    It cannot be either/or - just digital rather than printed. Print some and move towards digital.

    Communications team to take this on?


    TEAMVIEWER  (consideration for communication team)

    Question for each of the Groups:   
    Check - where are they?   What is their focus at this time - June/July 2019?

    • 1.1   Leadership and Structure - (Kevin Grant & Fr Mick)   

    • 1.2   Liturgy & Worship - (Fr Leo & Gabrielle Kingsley)

    • Email sent out to the groups - Kay and Gab spoke - Very positive - lots of information and photos sent.

    • 1.3   Youth - (Ed Noack & James McMahon) 

    • Possibility of getting something for older youth - a group formed - passionate about (work in progress) for post-antioch age group (20-ish and above) - prayer, reading and mission and community. 

    • 1.4   Pastoral Care - (Kim Mannix)

    • 1.5   Formation & Education - (Marcel Arendse & Ian Anderson)


    • 1.6   Mission - (Brian Anderson & Anthony Weir)

    Auxiliary Groups - 

    JPV update - Fr Mick - Date Set for 1st Sept.  - official change over date. Postponed a few times - new date given.

3. Encourage

  • NAIDOC - Mass 30th June 9:30 mass - Presentation of the plaques and students from both schools made frames. Many thanks were given to the many members of the PPC and the Bosco community and have encouraged us to all be present. Many members will be present.

  • Sacraments 17th - 18th August - Confirmation - 

  • Marriage encounter 10-11th August

  • Plenary Council 2020 update

From John Day email - The Plenary Council 2020 preparation has taken a step forward with the publication on Pentecost Sunday of the major themes that will be used to group and prepare the agenda items for the Plenary Council. 

They have made a one double sided A4 sheet for ease of reference.

They are considering how to distribute/communicate this and to whom? 

They are preparing for the next phase which will involve some form of Parish/small group discernment to feed into the Working Groups that will be formed to prepare the Plenary Council agenda items in each of the 6 themes.

  • Projects?  - Melissa Kingsley - Fr Dan - Theology on Tap - SIP? As an idea?

4. Grow
  • New initiatives for the Parish

6. Prayer next meeting: 

    Edward Noack

7. Next Meeting

18th July 2018