Overview of PPC

3. Overview of the Parish Pastoral Council Page.

The Parish Pastoral Council is a group of parishioners consisting of the Parish Priest, other religious within the Parish, and lay Parishioners.  Their goals focus on promoting the Church's mission; to live and spread the love and values of Christ in the world. The Council achieves this by supporting, steering and animating the parish groups, and linking them to the parish.   The functions of the Council include responding to hopes, ideas and concerns of Parishioners, understanding and creating awareness of activities in the Parish, encouraging and supporting groups in the Parish, setting pastoral goals for the Parish and providing and supporting opportunities for Parishioners to grow in their relationship with God and each other.


What is the PPC focused on? It is the body of people that assist the parish's mission of making the gospel known and lived.   We have over 50 groups in our parish and the PPC in union with Jesus, assist in linking these groups to the parish and being a tangible sign of the parish's support to them.  They take on the task of keeping the 'big picture' in mind and encouraging the parish groups to contribute towards that vision.   They review what is happening in the parish; encouraging and affirming our strengths, and looking for ways to respond to our gaps and weaknesses.
Maybe God is nudging you to 'step up' - and share some of yourself through this body?  If you are thinking 'I am not holy enough or not talented enough' - then remember the readings about the 'two fish and five loaves'.   Let Jesus take your gifts, and bless them, and together you break and share them - and the miracle of that gospel will continue to happen for you and our parish.
Our logo encompasses so much of who we are as a parish community ...


We would like the logo/symbol to speak for itself - but we will highlight a few aspects below.

The Logo is at the start of the Parish Groups page.

There are 6 headings we have used to describe all the groups who make up our parish family - these are not totally independent and overlap into each other - but it helps highlight important aspects of our parish family.

Leadership and structure

Liturgy & Worship

Pastoral care


Formation & Education


For 2017 the following PPC members will be the links to these groups:

Leadership and Structure - Joe Dal Forno, Alison Grant

Liturgy & Worship - Fr Leo,

Youth - Peter Halpin, Ian Anderson

Pastoral Care - Bernadette Winn,   Susan Van Duuren

Formation & Education - David Dunn, Kim Mannix

Mission  - Fr Jose, Paul Henville