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Archive of PPC Meeting Minutes Summary

Content:   Please contact one of the Parish Pastoral Council members if you require more information.

PPC Meeting Summaries

February 2017

Supporting Parish Groups
  • Where to from here in regard to Parish groups Meetings?
  • Ways that we can continue to affirm our groups.
  • Continuing with the SOAR process?
  • Joe and Alison are booked to attend the Stewardship Group.
  • Are we asking too much of the groups to attend additional meetings above and beyond the meetings that they volunteer to attend.
  • Should we arrange a purely social event a couple of times per year.
  • March 8, Liturgy Gratitude meeting.
ACTION: That in the month between now and the next PPC meeting, each person visits ONE of the meetings of ONE of their Parish Groups. Our presence would be to find out about the group, offer support and express gratitude on behalf of the PPC for all that they are doing in the Parish.

  • Suggestion that Anne has much to offer the PPC in terms of continuing our involvement with the SOAR Program.
  • We need a process; SOAR is an appropriate one.
  • Anne’s process is very positive, and a celebratory analysis of what we have done and are doing.
  • This is in line with Bosco’s preventive system, and appropriate for a Salesian Parish.
ACTION: The future direction of PPC involvement in SOAR will be readdressed at the next PPC meeting

Supporting the clergy

Feedback on Meeting regarding the Lay led Liturgies (Joe)
  • To receive views/opinions on how the process has been going.
  • Very positive feedback.
  • Request for resources
  • Broadening the opportunities for parishioners to participate in leading the Lay Liturgies.
  • Attendance has been maintained
  • On May 7, at every Mass, a Minister of Lay Led Liturgies will “Preach”.

A collection of positive experiences of the Ministers will be published in the Bosconian.

  • Bosconian - more local/personal content (Fr Mick)
  • Jerard Barry is acting as a “roving reporter” to find local/personal stories.
  • Kevin Grant is coordinating this with John Casey.

Sacramental Coordinator (Fr Mick)

  • Dana Scully has taken on the role of the Sacramental Coordinator..

Fr Mick to give an update on “Safeguarding” - Child Protection

  • Gayle Anderson to be the Safeguarding Officer for the Parish.
  • The Archdiocese has set up a Safeguarding Office to support Parishes.
  • It is important to make people conscious

Encouraging and activating events in the Parish

  • 50th Anniversary of the Blessing and Opening of the Parish Church:
  • Volunteer(s) to replace Bernadette on the Committee
  • A volunteer was called for to take over from Bernadette on the 50th Anniversary Committee.
  • Sue graciously volunteered.
  • Feedback from the previous meeting
  • The minutes of the first committee meeting were tabled.

Sports Mass 2017. Discussion.
  • Looking for a PPC person to animate this event?
ACTION:Communicate with Maryanne Stuart to ask her to lead the organisation of the Sports Mass., working in conjunction with a PPC Member.
ACTION: An email will be sent to all PPC members calling for someone to work with Maryanne (if she agrees to lead the event)

PPC Role

  • Feedback from the three teams.on adjustment to the goals.
ACTION - Kim and Alison to look at the goal C wording

  • LINK
  • The proposed Goal 1C, was discussed, amended and accepted to to be incorporated into the PPC Goals for 2017,
ACTION - Ian and Mick goal 2
ACTION - Joe and Jose to tackle goal 3
  • LINK
  • The suggestions for Goal 3 were accepted and will be incorporated into the PPC Goals for 2017.
  • Discussion on to be had if the goals are to be challenged or clarified.

Other Business

  • Suggestion that gratitude to groups be incorporated into prayers of the faithful.
  • Liturgy committee suggests it be done by the person who welcomes the congregation at the Masses at Engadine.
  • Kim has looked at the Induction Insights for Directors Online Course and has prepared a summary. She will share this with Fr Mick.
  • Next meeting 16th March

January 2017

1. Next Parish Groups Meeting
  • We were given a handout prepared by Paul H. that summarised the session with the groups. Anne then walked through this handout.
  • Anne explored results. - offered some suggestions.
  • Once or twice a year have a social event (refreshments, BBQ, for example) to publicly acknowledge and thank them for their contribution.
  • Praise them before the congregation. Parish needs to know there are many groups and what they do in the Parish
  • Educate the groups - communicate
  • Use the Bosconian to Champion the groups and their great work.
  • Notice board out the front of mass with photos of groups. Each group gets one Sunday. We meet each group. All done by October so that we can acknowledge them all.
  • Have a prayer of the faithful for that group and then a member from the PPC gets up for a min after Eucharist to say thank you to the group. 
  • SOAR on every agenda. Make a timeline up to 8/10. Plan with them.
  • ACTION: Fr Mick organising gatherings of gratitude for liturgy, sacraments and youth
  • ACTION: Paul reach out to social justice group and go through SOAR results
  • ACTION: BOSCONIAN review - Alison
  • ACTION: Once a month prayer of the faithful and a PPC member to say thank you
2. Supporting the Clergy
Report about Monday 23 Jan Meeting on Lay led liturgy. (Joe)
Fr sent email about experiences of lay led ministries
Fr Mick wants to talk about offering support and areas of growth and how to help the whole Parish recieve Lay Led ministries

3. 50th Anniversary of the Opening of the Parish Church

  • Bernadette sent details of the meeting via email

4. Feedback on goal setting
  • ACTION - Kim and Alison to look at the goal C wording
  • ACTION - Ian and Mick goal 2
  • ACTION - Joe and Jose to tackle goal 3
5. Other business
  • Matt’s email re his visit to Randwick Parish, has been forwarded to the Liturgy Committee for discussion
6. Communication
  • Review meeting from the SOAR with the groups. Very few responses have come back. Perhaps we change the date of the meeting. Communicate to Peter Halpin that March may be better. Give everyone a chance to get back. Make a decision next Thursday. 
  • ACTION: Joe to email the PPC members not here to change date if numbers don't pick up to March which may be better for people.
  • Next meeting 16 Feb. Paul on Prayer

December 2016

1. Matters arising from last meeting

  • Emails need to be sent out regarding meeting in February. Still ahead of schedule.
  • Invite Anne Cosgrove to the January meeting as she will be a significant part of that meeting.    

2. Discussion on our Parish Theme - A Parish that Evangelises

  • Liturgy Group presenting a powerpoint driving evangelisation. Perhaps a three person subcommittee from the liturgy group to assist other groups (Perhaps through resources).

  • Discuss as part of their first meetings for the year.

  • Stewardship has begun to thinking about the theme.

  • Make the suggestion gently about are they thinking about the Parish theme.

  • Many people may not have thought about the Parish theme.

  • Perhaps RCIA group or help to publicise these groups and the great worth that they do.

  • Matt’s Youth Groups, Antioch. Affirm the groups, not asking for things. Family Mass team. Genevieve. Sacramental programme. Knitting, and rosary group. First step - affirm and thank them.

  • Perhaps a visual ‘totem’ for the Parish theme. Help form Parish connection and shared experience.

  • ACTION: In communicating to groups - affirm and thank them in our email, phone call, personal connections. Certainly early next year as the basis of our communications. Encourage them to think and consider the Parish Theme. We would love to hear new ideas and initiatives of evangelisation. Communicate with Anne Cosgrove that we will be doing this action and she can work with us with this next time as we work towards the Parish Groups Day.

3.     Supporting the Clergy
  • Safeguarding and requirements on Parish - financial and protection of people
  • Matt has been working on a new group to assist with his changing role. SENT 2 as it is currently know. Strong emphasis on prayer and giving. 24 students very interested in being part of this. Each taking a role revolving around a passion (eg  Primary school, Secondary school). Matt and Fr Mick to discuss the operations of this group.
  • Parish centre - the DA has come through. Fr Mick has many people a working on the details
  • Parish 2020 - Huge thrust by diocese - strategic plan for the diocese Fr Mick has a meeting next Tuesday night. Diocese has given a questionnaire. Walk through questionnaire. Make consensus on topics and hopefully help the diocese with direction.
  • Antioch weekend last weekend. Three outside recruits. Internally very strong.
4.     50th Anniversary of the Blessing and Opening of the Parish Church

  • Report from Bernadette W on the next Meeting date.   18th January a meeting of the committee.

5.    Rewrite goal c - Investigate the leadership needs of the various groups

  • ACTION - Sue to call Matt McEwan results of the survey’s

  • ACTION - Kim and Alison to look at the goal c wording

  • ACTION - Ian and Mick goal 2

  • ACTION - Joe and Jose to tackle goal 3

       * Reword goals and red/green, yellow 2016*

6.    Other Business
  • 2017 - Australian Catholic youth festival December
  • 2018 - Year of the Youth

Letter from the Bishops Conference

Dates for Leaders meeting be put in our meeting in Jan.

Meetings of Ministry Groups - and one altogether - practicalities and dates?

      JPV building project beginning next year (March)

7. Next Meeting

19th January 2017

17 November 2016

1. Men Alive Initiative

Alf and Frank attended to talk about the Men Alive initiative, an initiative of the Knights of the Southern Cross, which will take place on 17 September 2017. They have the support of Fr Mick to undertake the initiative. Ties in well with evangelisation, our theme for 2017. Seeking support to help promote the initiative in social groups. Formal promotion will be via Bosconian. Offers of support from the PPC to assist with catering, etc

2. Parish Groups Meeting Feedback
  • Groups had opportunity to connect and build relationships. Session was action focused so expectation will be around “what’s next”. Commitment to go back to groups in January with a next steps - agreed February was more realistic as we won’t get significant attendance until school resumes. Get groups back together potentially and have a session to walk through the results and have a celebration/thank you with refreshments to recognise and thank them for their efforts. Include spouses to thank them for their support too. 
  • Reviewed PPC SOAR outcomes
  • Discussion about how we provide the groups with tools that are practical and useful but also connect them to the broader parish and how they connect.
  • Ensure we connect our SOAR plan with parish themes, 2020, etc
  • Decision - next groups session will be a feedback session with hospitality (two separate dates). We will provide some guidelines to the groups on practical next steps as a subsequent initiative (not at the same time

  • Action: Communicate with groups re February meetings.  Go with 22 February (7.30-8:30pm) & 26 February 2-3pm.  Pete to draft an email for PPC members to modify if needed and send out to their groups

  • Action:  Invite Anne to the December meeting (Paul/Pete)

3. 50th Anniversary of the Blessing and Opening of the Parish Church

All invited persons have agreed to be part of the subcommittee

4. Other business

Joe - after the homily can we use the opportunity to put a reflection or prayer up on the screen for people to reflect on, particularly in the context of the parish theme of evangelisation. Propose idea to the Liturgy Committee for consideration - Joe to make the suggestion

5. Next meeting

15 December 2016

20 October 2016

  1. Affirming and supporting Parish Groups

Priority for each PPC pair to communicate with each of the Parish groups in order to introduce themselves, encourage groups to send a member to the Parish Groups Day 13/11.

  1. Supporting the Clergy

The PPC will continue to support Fr Leo and Fr Jose to establish themselves within the Parish by Individual Members inviting Fr Leo and Fr Jose to attend Parish Group meetings with them as the meetings are confirmed

Reiterating PPC commitment to supporting Fr Jose and Fr Leo in any other ways we can.

  1. Encouraging and Activating Parish Events

Date for the Celebration for the 50th Anniversary booked for Sunday 8 OCtober 2017.

Committee to be formed to organise the celebration of the event.

PPC member to guide discussion and keep PPC informed on progress and directions; seek guidance as required

Bernadette Winn, PPC member to be on the committee

Invite specific people from within the Parish to join the committee

Use the Parish Groups Day to advise of the final Committee and invite other Parish members to volunteer to offer assistance to the Committee

Action:  Fr Mick to contact nominated Committee members to request their participation

  1. Looking Forward

NCLS Survey approaching. PPC to practice on the online survey. Time themselves and let Fr Mick know.

Provide leftover survey forms to the high school and offer year 12, 11 and 10 the opportunity to take the survey manually.

  1. Any other business

Reminder about the NCLS practice being conducted on Saturday 22 October at 2.00 pm in the parish Church

Reminder about the Parish Groups Afternoon Planning meeting being conducted on Saturday 22 October at 10.00 am at the Parish centre

Action: Suggestion to provide a slide confirming where food donations are used i.e. Monday evenings at the Church

Fr Mick Shows resources for PPC to be used in the next PPC meeting.

  1. Next Meeting - Thursday 17th November

September 2016

1.  Welcome to new members:
Welcoming to the new members Kim Mannix, Ian Anderson and Bernadette Winn
Farewelling Margaret, Matt, and Maryanne

Handover to new PPC Officers 2017 to chair rest of meeting
Chair: Peter Halpin
Co-chair: David Dunne
Minutes Secretary: TBA

2.  Invited guests:
Terence Grant - briefed the PPC about the NCLS (National Church Life Survey). Completion of survey during Mass on 5th and 6th November.

Bosco Stewardship Group - Dana and Maria to give an explanation on the Stewardship group. Not a small group ministry but something that requires the involvement of all. About inviting, being welcoming and helping people experience Christ in others.

3.  PPC Planning Day
The PPC planning day - PPC planning day will be held on the Saturday 15th October

4. Celebrating and Giving Thanks
Soccer Day. A fantastic day bringing the Parish together. Solidarity with refugees. Great memories.

Thanking the Stewardship group - for their continued efforts to nurture the parish.

5.  Other Business
Letter from Mr Frank McLaughlin: Sent in an article regarding Project Compassion.  Frank also wanted some consideration towards Solar Panels on the new Parish Centre.

Allocations of PPC responsibilities. Fr Mick to allocate PPC members to groups before the next meeting in consultation with new and existing members

Next meeting - Thursday 20th October

May 2016

1. A visit from the Maliana Group highlighted their most recent visit to Maliana and an outline of the most current needs. There were many great works highlighted that are in great need including Sr Kathleen and the novices have made great inroads into contact with the Salesians in Maliana.
The purpose of the recent meeting was to establish new relationships in the area. They met the new Parish Priest and community over there.
A boarding house for boys and girls in junior secondary school was one of the pertinent requests for help.
A second request was a meeting place for the community.

They have a shortage of sacred vessels and also would like that (eg Monstrance).
The teachers salaries in a new school as well as some scholarships are committed to be paid for 2017 by the Maliana group.
The PPC were asked to consider ways in which the Maliana Twinning could become a Parish project rather than just a project that parishioners support.

2. Trivia Night for social justice group. Asked if PPC can circulate to our groups

3. We were pleased to receive a positive update on Fr Micks recovery. Fr Jose is managing to cover things until he returns
4. Counting numbers of parishioners at Masses has one more week to go
5. The Caring group is in need of more support/cooks. PPC requested to look for ways to help advertise this need.
6. A rep from the PPC will make contact with Bosco Soccer club to discuss possible friendly match with asylum seekers.
7. Primary school has shown support in helping welcome at Masses during the month of June

Sat 18th June at Bosco Primary Hall - $20 per person

Next Meeting 16th June

April 2016

1. Fr Mick reported on the following matters:
Parish 2020: An explanation of why the process of redefining boundaries and criteria for Parish health is being undertaken.
Official Mass attendances will be counted for five successive weekends, beginning on the weekend of 30 April/1 May and ending on the weekend of 28/29 May. PPC Members volunteered to either conduct the counting process or engage others to do so.
The Year of Mercy: The Diocese has provided resources for the Year of Mercy. Some discussion was held regarding possible activities for the Year of Mercy. Sr Kathleen discussed an initiative in which she and a number of parishioners are engaged (A Mercy International initiative).
Parish Finance and Administrative Guidelines Book: This has been received from the Archdiocese. It was proposed that a small group of parishioners work with this document, especially the administrative guidelines section, to provide a user friendly version, which may be of assistance to many of the groups that are operating within the Parish.
2016 NCLS (National Church Life Survey): This is to be conducted during October and November. The Diocese is financing 18 parishes to conduct the surveys, with Engadine being one of these. Surveys will need to be completed by Fr Mick, Parish Leaders, Parishioners, Children. A committee will be established to assist with the survey process.
Parish Office Mondays: Some positive steps have been made in ensuring that the Parish Office will continue to be open on Mondays.

2. Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes

The Parish Groups Session, tentatively planned for May, has been postponed until July/August to allow for a thorough preparation process.
Parish Dinner Dance: The possibility of a 2016 event is still being investigated.
Parish Community Centre: An update on the progress of the new Parish Community Centre was given by Fr Mick.
Antioch Weekend: The support received by the Antioch group for their upcoming weekend was fantastic. The generous response of parishioners to requests for food, accommodation, donations and assistance is greatly appreciated.
Next Meeting: Thursday 26 May @ 7.00 pm

January 2016
The January 2016 meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council focussed on the Parish theme of "A Community that Welcomes", with significant planning around the establishment of goals and practical initiatives for the PPC that will help to increase whole Parish engagement with the spirit of 'Welcome'.

Major areas of discussion included:
Ways for PPC members to continue to build relationships with Parish groups and individuals.
Practical ways that Parish Groups can engage with the 2016 Parish theme.
Ways that the Parish Community can welcome people who are not yet/no longer engaged in the life of the Parish.
Significant Parish events that can play an important role in the 2016 theme.

During February, members of the PPC will make personal contact with the leaders of each of the groups with whom they are working. A part of this communication will be to discuss the invitation to all groups to be the "welcomers" at Sunday Mass for a month during 2016. The monthly invitations for each group are:

March: Liturgy
April: Youth
May: Pastoral Care
June: Formation and Education
July: Mission
August: Leadership and Structure

Other matters discussed:

Fr Briffa's Celebration Mass
Response to and feedback about Parish Mass changes
Update on the Parish Centre
Planning for the Sports Mass
Next Meeting: February 18, 2016

October 2015

During the October 2015 meeting the PPC renewed its commitment to the three key aspects of its role and spent time planning how to address these goals. The three goals and a key action to enliven each goal are included below for your interest.

Goal 1: To support and encourage the various parish ministriesOn 1st November we will hold our first Annual Parish Group Leaders' Meeting. This will be an opportunity for us all to share, celebrate and plan for the future. The meeting will allow PPC members and Group leaders to establish connections.

Goal 2: To support the Parish Clergy in their pastoral and sacramental role
The retirement of Fr Briffa and the placement of Fr Peter in Tasmania will require Fr Mick to make some decisions regarding Masses in the parish. A sub-committee of the PPC has been formed to advise Fr Mick and we were grateful to Ellen Dubber who spoke with the PPC as a member of the lay led liturgy ministry.

Goal 3: To encourage and activate larger parish events

Our parish theme for 2016 is “A community that welcomes”. In 2016 we invite representatives from our parish groups to take on the role of welcoming at each of our Masses. More information coming soon.

April 2015

Matters arising from minutes: Publishing Parishioner eulogies in Bosconian. A trial of publishing eulogies of parishioners in the Bostonian was discussed in March and it is anticipated the first publication will take place in the next edition. This initiative was seen as a way of acknowledging contributions to the parish and community, and providing a window to the history of the parish for newer community members

3) Reports.

Antioch Weekend: A positive and successful Antioch Weekend, the PPC passed on our thanks and congratulations to our Antioch Parent Couple, Richard and Judy McMahon
4) Affirming and supporting parish groups
PPC: orientation package for new PPC members (3 each year) will be prepared for discussion next PPC meeting
Group feedback sheets received from RCIA, Family Mass group, Eucharistic Ministry. Feedback, detailed, passionate and extremely valuable. To be summarised by PPC member, forwarded to PPC Chair and distributed.
New Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist intake starting next month, candidates to be approached by PPC members and encouraged to consider this worthwhile ministry, training commences mid-May
5) Supporting the Clergy
Challenges including clergy health, leave and time pressure continues. Father Mick to contemplate on tasks and responsibilities that could be taken on by lay parishioners, for discussion
Parish will have a Priest visiting from India, for the remainder of 2015.
Recruitment/suggestion of parishioners for ministry positions seen as an example of ways to demonstrate reduced reliance on Parish Priest and spread workload slightly.
6) Preparing for St John Bosco 200th Anniversary
Fr Peter Carroll talks April 28, May 5, 12. Advertising and pamphlet distribution at Mass discussed
26 May: Film night
7) Parish Calendar
17 May Columbarium Launch. Many thanks to the parishioner-led Columbarium group who are co-ordinating the launch function
May 16: Social Justice Group Malian Project Trivia Night
July 31 Parish Dinner Dance
Parish Groups meeting. Discussion and decision that perhaps this was not feasible with the busy bicentenary calendar.
8) Other Business
Parish Theme for 2016: several suggestions were discussed, Community perhaps as a central theme, 4 pillars of Salesian work. To be discussed further.
Advertising/publicity for Parish Groups. Previously had been discussed re standardisation of announcements at Mass, advertising in different Parish publications etc as Parish Priest receives numerous requests. A set of guidelines has been formulated and will be distributed to Parish Groups
PPC Evaluation: scheduled to assess PPC progress towards achieving goals set in January, plan is for August PPC meeting. Subcommittee to convene this month and table suggestions for methodology of assessment at May meeting

March 2014

Meeting was considering possible plans for the celebration of 200th anniversary of St John Bosco's birth in August 2015. It is hoped that this will be a significant celebration with a range of activities involving the schools and the Dunlea Centre in a co-ordinated program with the Parish. There will be lots more information as the plans evolve.
Family Fun Day
The Primary school are organising this day on March 17. How the PPC and the Parish ministries could be involved was discussed. A committee was formed to engage with the Primary school and the Parish ministries and progress this initiative.
Strategic Plan update/Liaison groups
Matt reported that preparation for the "Live Jesus" Mass on January 25 is underway with a small group meeting to prepare for the day.
Parish Pastoral Priorities 2011
The priorities determined for the PPC in 2011 were rated regarding our success. Those requiring more work will be discussed at the PPC Planning day on January 21.
PPC Planning Day
The agenda and schedule for the day were discussed which included a pre-planning day exercise.
General Business
Information on Antioch, the Catholic Guy and the Family Educator was shared with the meeting

Also discussed was the Working with Children Check for parish volunteers and the SENT program where 10 young people have begun their commitment to youth ministry in the parish. They are involved in weekly prayer, formation nights, a parish ministry, prayer partners and will be looking to school visits in term 2
October 2012

PPC FormationFr Mick introduced Richard McMahon to the meeting. Richard is a member - and great supporter - of our Parish. He is employed as Director of Parish Services in the Wollongong Diocese. Richard then worked with the Council to help us determine in what direction we can focus as a Parish Pastoral Council.
Theme 2012: Be part of the story .......
Fr Mick asked for suggestions on how best to launch the theme at the start of Advent. How could we as a PPC animate this through our groups. One way would be to support the Liturgy theme of conceive, carry, birth and show. It was agreed that Council members will speak, and cards will be distributed, at all Masses on the First Sunday of Advent [November 27], encouraging parishioners to be a part of the story of Advent.
Lenten Groups 2012
Fr Marc met with Fay Hair. Lent commences February 26. Fr Marc will contact previous groups and will also target other people in various groups to run discussions. He will meet with Fay again next week. General guidance workshop for leaders on how to run the sessions will be held in February.
We discussed the Antioch camp coming up end November and will continue the discussion at the November meeting.
Gratitude Mass
The PPC were very excited and positive about this initiative. Some of the positives reflections include: a listing of names of those generous people who actively participate in groups across the Parish. We really valued the contributions of the people that spoke at Masses and shared their sincere insights. The lovely and beautifully designed gratitude cards and many enjoyed the thank you morning tea served after Masses. What was disappointing was not getting responses from all parish group ministries.

The Liturgy group has been working hard in preparation towards Advent. Peter Kearney has been booked to do Concert ‘Ashes to Easter’- Monday evening February 27. Thinking towards Lent and Easter – how to use the event of Paul Kearney to animate Lent for the Parish.

September 2011

The new members of the PPC, Ruth Werner, Jo Simpson, Phil Frisardi & Peter Strudwick were welcomed to the PPC. All members new and existing gave an outline of their connection to the Parish as an introduction to each other.
In discussing "Formation" Fr Mick outlined his vision for the PPC and the role for it's members.
A re-distribution of the Liaison groups was conducted given the changing membership of the PPC.
The positions of Secretary and Chair of the PPC were declared vacant and members were asked to nominate members for these positions by advising Fr Mick who will use the guidelines previously determined to select our new Secretary and Chair for the next year.
Our retiring PPC members, Ellen Dubber & Mitch Worsley were thanked for their contributions. The meeting concluded with a celebratory supper.

August 2011

Fr Marc led a session on "Formation" in particular from the Bishop's Conference website on Pentecost. Fr Mick discussed some Formation events in September.
The selection of new PPC members was discussed, these members are due to start next month.
Fr Mick outlined his hope for the PPC and the roles he sees for PPC members.
Individual members gave "Strategic Plan" and "Liaison Group" updates.
Ideas on how to celebrate Fathers' Day was discussed.
Ways of following up World Youth Day were considered.

July 2011

The PPC was updated on the progress of the formation of a Social Justice group. This group will be formed in 2012.
Recruitment of new PPC members was discussed. The first meeting for new members is September.
Information about the New Translation meeting (held June 30) was shared with the meeting.
The Gospel value of "Service" as outlined in Albert Nolan's book "Hope in an Age of Despair" was discussed.

The group discussed the purpose of the minutes of our PPC meeting.

June 16 2011

The proposal for this Reconciliation Sunday this year and the reaction from some parish members was discussed. The process used was analysed with possible changes for next year.
How PPC initiatives are implemented and the process to use was discussed.
Aspects of worldly and gospel values of "Human Solidarity" as outlined in Albert Nolan's book "Hope in an Age of Despair" were discussed.
Members provided information and issues relating to the Strategic Plan and our Liaison Groups.
A report on the June 8 Social Justice evening was shared with members.
Members were advised of some upcoming Youth Matters events.
Members were asked to consider replacements for the PPC which will occur in September.
Fr Mick shared information about a "Called and Gifted" course to be conducted in July.

May 2011

The following is a summary of issues discussed at our last meeting on May 19. Please contact one of the Parish Pastoral Council members if you require more information.
With January 24 being the Feast day of St Francis de Sales and January 31 being the Feast day of St John Bosco it was decided to have a Salesian week from January 22 till January 29. On Wednesday January 25 there would be a talk on St Francis de Sales at 5.00pm, Mass at 6.00pm followed by a social gathering afterwards.
The process for selecting the Parish Theme for 2012 was discussed and will be considered by Council members with a view to having further considerations later this year.
We read and discussed other aspects of "Gospel Values" from Albert Nolan's book which considers "Worldly Values" and "Gospel Values".
An update of information relating to the "Revised Translation of the Roman Missal" and the proposed timetable for the Parish was circulated to members.
Members were informed of the progress for the group formed after the April 14 meeting who had concerns relating to the revised translation. A public meeting is scheduled for June 30.
Ways to make parishioners (especially new parishioners) welcome was discussed and use of the Welcome Book was encouraged.
Fr Marc informed the meeting of a 24 hour vigil for vocations on the Feast of the Sacred Heart.
Planning for the "Social Justice" meeting on June 8 is close to finalisation.
The meeting was informed of the current and proposed program for the Youth of the Parish.
The new Parish website developed by Fr Mick was displayed and discussed. Volunteers are welcome to assist in any maintenance and improvement of the site and its contents. Suggestions of enhancements are more than welcome.
The status of the covered entry to the Engadine church was shared with members. It is hoped to be finished this year and presentations at Masses will occur (probably late July). On completion itis then proposed to build a garden which is explained on the Finance Committee's part of the Parish website.
April 2011

The following is a summary of issues discussed at our last meeting on April 28 2011. Please do not hesitate to contact one of the Parish Pastoral Council members if you require more information.
The information evening on the New Translation of the Roman Missal was well attended. Some parishioners were concerned they did not have the opportunity to articulate their concerns. Plans are now underway for further meetings, particularly for those who felt they did not get a chance to raise their concerns on the night.
The PPC have decided on ‘Come and See’ - building on the World Wide Salesian Theme for 2011 - as our Parish Theme for 2011. See banner in Parish Church. Matt Humphreys [Youth Ministry] has composed a special theme song (you can hear it and see the words by click)
The Youth Ministry are organising an Antioch reunion. The Reunion is planned for May 22 at the 6.00pm Mass; it will be followed by a BBQ and talks. The Holiday program just completed included a Salesian fun games day which was enjoyed by all, a picnic day at Prince Edward Park and a day spent in the recording studio at the Youth Matters house.
Following on from meetings between our Vocations Director and the REC at SJB Primary School, all children going through Sacramental programs will be given holy cards supplied by the Vocation Centre. These cards will help them to be open to what it is that God wants them to do in their life. The Prayer Vigil held during Lent will now continue on a monthly basis. Prayers for Vocations will be included in the Prayers of the Faithful once a month.
A Pilgrimage Walk from Sutherland to Engadine [in the spirit of Fr Dunlea] will take place on Saturday May 21 from 1.30pm to around 4.30pm.

An update to our ‘Welcoming package’ was presented to the meeting. New parishioners are encouraged to write contact details in the books – located at the entrances of Engadine and Heathcote Churches. A suggestion was made that we conduct a Parish Census.
National Sorry Day has been proclaimed for Thursday May 26. It was decided that the event would be acknowledged in our Parish on the weekend of May 29.
Plans are well underway for a social justice night being planned for the evening of June 8.
We read from a chapter entitled “Gospel Values” from a book entitled “Hope in an Age of Despair” by Albert Nolan. The chapter looks at four Gospel values: Sharing, Human Dignity, Human Solidarity and Service. Discussion ensued on sharing and human dignity. It was suggested we read the chapter in our own time - comparing worldly value against Gospel values – and then respond to questions.
The Stewardship Group has proposed the idea of a Gratitude weekend on Oct 8/9. At every Mass on that weekend people who volunteer in our Parish would be acknowledged.
Again, we would be pleased to answer any queries you may have on any of the above subjects.
Date of next meeting – Thursday May 19 2011.