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Finance Team Members 2021

Father Michael Court (Parish Priest),       Gayle Anderson,        Paul Dewberry (Operations Manager),

Brian Fitzgerald (Honorary Accountant),  Kevin Gurney (Chair),    Mark Lennon,       Joe Zappia

The Statutes for Finance Committees details the role of the Finance Team and the type of role that the members fulfil.  Members need to be well versed in Finance and/or Accounting, and it is desirable for them to have considerable Parish experience.  More detail is available on this link Role of the Parish Finance Committee. If you feel you have the necessary experience and desire to become a member of the team, please talk with Fr Mick or Paul Dewberry

Contact the Finance Team

Any of the finance team will be happy to discuss any matter with you at any time. Please email
Paul Dewberry and he will either answer your enquiry or direct it to the appropriate person.

Finance Committee Responsibilities

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The Finance Committee works closely with the parish priest, as a consultative body, who is accountable to the Archbishop for the administration and stewardship of the temporal goods of the parish.

Every parish is required to have a Parish Finance Committee, both by adherence to the Code of Canon Law and by the Archbishop. An active, well-formed Parish Finance Committee is a key element for promoting the financial health of a parish, assuring accountability and assisting the Parish Priest with his temporal responsibilities. 

The Archbishop has established Statutes for Finance Committees in the Archdiocese of Sydney.

Finance Committee Role

The Role of the Parish Finance Committee is explained in more detail at this link.


Our Parish is blessed to receive a lease payment for the land on which we built John Paul Village.  It is the strong desire of Fr Mick, and the Parish Leadership teams, that this lease income be used for the fulfilment of the Parish Vision of being a faith community, growing with Christ and his Church, building the Kingdom of God in the Salesian Charism. 

Twenty percent of the Lease income is donated to the Archdiocese Charitable Works Fund (CWF).  A portion of the funds is being used for the salary of our Operations Manager, who among other things administers the Financial and Governance matters relating to our Charitable and Pastoral Works Fund . The remainder of the lease income, received into the Parish Income, is being applied to Charitable and Pastoral Works Fund (‘The Fund’).  


The charitable and pastoral works of The Fund are only possible due to the continued generous donations from our parishioners via the Direct Giving program to cover the operation costs of the parish.

Our Charitable Donations include the following programs:

To read more about our Charitable Donations, and what we have supported in recent times, visit our web page.
  • Salesian Works: We have been a Salesian Parish since Fr Ciantar was appointed Parish Priest in January 1952, prior to many of us being born! We are most grateful to the Salesians for leading us in the steps of St John Bosco. Accordingly, a portion of our Charitable Donations will be directed to current Salesian Works in the Australian-Pacific Province of the Salesians of Don Bosco, largely through the Salesian Missions.  We donated $120,000 in 2019-20 and a further $120,000 in January 2021 to Salesian Missions.

  • Disaster Relief Appeals: We conduct a “Matching Gifts” Program for selected Disaster Appeals on a needs basis. For example, in the event of a major tsunami, earthquake or drought, we will ask Parishioners to make their personal donation to a selected charity and send their receipt to the Parish Office. We will then match the total amount donated with a parish donation from our Charity Fund, effectively doubling the amount parishioners donate. To date our Parish has donated over $50,000 via this means.
  • Aged Care: We allocate a portion of the lease income to assist aged parishioners with care that they may not be able to provide for themselves.
  • Other Charities: Every five years, we will ask parishioners to nominate Charities of their choice for the Parish Charity Fund to provide financial support to. The most favoured 3-5 charities will then be beneficiaries of our donations. Beyond Blue have recently introduced a new service called Big Blue Door
In addition, our parishioners generously donate to a number of other Charities.


A portion of the John Paul Village lease income is being used to assist the growth of the Pastoral Work we do within the Parish.

Should your Parish Ministry require funds to support or grow an existing pastoral project or perhaps to commence a new programme, we are waiting to hear from you.  We suggest you contact a member of the Finance Team (via Paul for assistance in developing your application to the Parish Finance and Mission Leadership Teams.  In the interests of good Governance, the conditions of approval are in this Terms of Reference for Charitable and Pastoral Works and this online application is required to be completed.  Alternatively you may print and complete this application for funding and deliver it to the Parish Secretary.

Find out more about Parish Pastoral Works which have benefited from funds being made available.


Direct Giving Programme

Our parish expenses are maintained by the generous giving of our parishioners. The basis of this is through the Sacrificial Giving programme, also know as Direct Giving. 

If you can help with supporting the Parish by joining Direct Giving Programme, or by increasing your direct giving contribution, please clink on the following link Direct Giving Application  or contact the Parish Office on 9520 8277 or at

Thank you for your support.

More information on Direct Giving

Fr Mick's letter regarding Direct Giving January 2020

SJB Prayer Card

The SJB Prayer Card is available at the entry to each Church.

John Paul Village 

On September 1st, 2019 ownership and management of John Paul Village was transferred to St Vincent’s Care Services.  From a Mission perspective the Parish remains very much involved in the Village, and care of our elderly parishioners.


The New Presbytery 2021-22.

We are currently working with Fr Peter and architects to design the new presbytery on the land 80 Banksia Ave, opposite the church. 

Completed Projects

Read about other Completed Projects


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The Statutes for Parish Finance Committees states in part: The Parish Priest "is accountable to the parishioners for the way in which he has administered the assets of the parish. Through the finance committee the parishioners are to seek to lessen the burden of the parish priest in administering parish finances, in maintaining parish properties, in planning for future capital works, in raising the necessary finances and in establishing a framework for greater shared responsibility within parish life."

Aware that it is through the generous donations of Parishioners that the Parish continues to grow the Kingdom of God through the Salesian Charism, the Finance Committee ensures that detailed Terms of Reference govern the way in which the Parish operates.

We include below, links to various Governance Documents of our Parish:

Parish Organisational Chart

Statutes for Parish Finance Committees

Terms of Reference for Mission Leadership Team

Guidelines for our Parish Pastoral Council

Terms of Reference for Charitable and Pastoral Works

Application For Funding (Pastoral Works) Printable version - Application For Funding Online

Financial Administration Delegation Authority.

Terms of Reference for Parish Development Committee - coming soon



The Parish conducts three special collections per annum to raise funds to cover our contribution to the Charitable Works Fund (CWF).  Parishes are levied 10% of their Direct Giving and 20% of all other income (eg. rent) for the CWF contribution.  Any shortfall in the three special collections must be made up from our Direct Giving income. 

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