Charitable donations, SJB Engadine.

We are a Parish working from a spirit of GRATITUDE,

acting with GENEROSITY,

in building the Kingdom of GOD.


Prayer for the use of our Parish Charity Fund

Holy Father, through our donations from the Parish Charity Fund, help us to be a faith community,

growing with Christ and his Church, building the Kingdom of God in the Salesian Charism. Amen.


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In the Financial Year 2019-20 the following Donations have been made from the Parish Charity Fund:


Salesian Missions

Following discussion with Fr Will, the Salesian Provincial, our Parish Leadership teams have decided that we would like to support the Salesian work in Nasinu, Suva, in creating the Don Bosco Community and Youth Centre. To date we have donated $120,000 for this purpose.

In 2020 the Parish will donate from our Parish Charity Fund toward construction of this multi-purpose Community Centre. Read the full story and view a short video clip.

Salesian Sisters

Parishioners are grateful for the Salesian Sisters’ presence here in Engadine Parish for over 60 years,
and for their work undertaken during that time. In particular, we feel honoured that the Sisters have chosen Engadine for the location of their Novitiate. 
We have decided that we would like to support the three Novices in 2020 and have donated $15,000.

Meet Sia (from New Zealand), Julie (Solomon Islands) and Mila (Samoa). {left to right}

Sister Edna Mary (Provincial) has responded "I am stunned at the generosity of the parish towards the Sisters in regard to our novitiate come 2020. Yes, what a gift for which we are very, very grateful."

Dunlea Centre

Parishioners are grateful for the Dunlea Centre presence in the Engadine Parish for 80 years! We deeply value the work undertaken for youth from  the foundation to this day! Our Parish has donated $5,000 to the Dunlea Centre.
Dunlea Centre have responded saying:
"Thank you for your very generous $5000 donation. We are so grateful for your support of the program and young people who, along with their families, need the Dunlea Centre to help them choose a better future. You are part of a unique program helping to transform the lives of young people and their families."


We conduct a “Matching Gifts” Program for selected Disaster Appeals on a needs basis.  For example, in the event of a major tsunami, earthquake or drought, we will ask Parishioners to make their personal donation to a selected charity and send their receipt to the Parish Office.  We will then match the total amount donated with a parish donation from our Charity Fund, effectively doubling the amount parishioners donate.

The following Matching Gift Programs have been conducted within the Parish in 2019-20:

Fire Disaster Relief Appeal

January 11 & 12, 2020: $23,980.

Image result for images of NSW 2020 fires

Rural NSW continues to suffer from drought, and is now affected by the worst fire season on record. The Country Womens’ Association (CWA) Disaster Relief Fund assists those in need due to drought, fires, and floods.  We will extend our November Drought Appeal to now include the fires.  We will match DOLLAR for DOLLAR from the Parish Charity Fund.

The CWA CEO has responded "I would like to thank you and your Parishioners for your recent contribution to the CWA Disaster Relief Fund. Your generous donation has provided a much needed boost to the fund. Thank you for your generosity and prayers - we are truly grateful."

Image result for images of NSW 2020 firesThe executive Director of Vinnies has responded "Your kind donation will be directly used to assist those affected by the recent bushfires in NSW and help them to recover. On behalf of everyone at St Vincent de Paul Society, I send my deepest thanks."

Fire Relief Donations total $11,990. Our total parish contribution is $23,980 after the Parish Charity Fund matching parishioner donations.

Read more on the Fire Relief Page.

Drought Relief Appeal 

November 9 & 10, 2019: $27,768 donated.

NSW and parts of Queensland have experienced the worst drought on record. Many rivers and dams have run dry, paddocks are barren, livestock numbers have been reduced dramatically and are being hand-fed at great expense. Farm households are being impacted with every spare dollar being put into maintaining the viability of the farm. The Finance Committee selected the Country Womens' Association (CWA) to be the conduit for our Matching Gifts Program - learn why by clicking on this link. Drought Relief Donations total $13,884. Our total parish contribution is $27,768, after the Parish Charity Fund matching parishioner donations.

The CWA CEO has responded:
"This latest donation of $6,008 is truly remarkable, on top of the other $8,076 given by your parishioners and the parish itself. Thank you for your generosity and prayers - we are truly grateful."


Throughout each year we have a number of Appeals for various charities within our Parish. We wish to thank parishioners for their generosity. The result of those Appeals in the current Financial Year are:

St Vincent de Paul

November 2019:  

Just over $ 8,000 donated by parishioners

Catholic Mission

November 2019:

$1,472 Donated by Parishioners.

Catholic Missions wrote to say: "Thank you for supporting this year’s Catholic Mission Parish Appeal.  I would be grateful if you could please pass on my sincere thanks to all the parishioners who contributed to the appeal."

Social Justice Group

October 2019: 

$ 1,400 Raised during the MALIANA Fundraising Dance.

Charitable Works Fund

August 2019      -      $4,568 donated by Parishioners

November 2019 -      $3,195 donated by Parishioners