Parish Community Centre

Work commenced on Monday June 1st. 

Photos of Progress up to week 17 (18/9/20)

We have experienced delays in having the steel frame delivered and erected by the steel fabricator. We remain hopeful that construction will be completed early in the new year.

Stairs to the Youth Matters room.

View from the old centre looking back.

The steel frame has been delivered construction commenced.

Chair selected for the new meeting rooms, but ours will be blue. Padded seats for those in regular use, and unpadded for those in storage.

Tables for the new centre. Most tables will be on wheels and easily folded for storage.

Photos of Progress up to week 12 (19/8/20)

Some rain has seen us lose a few days, but the slab has now been poured and left to cure for 1-2 weeks. Meanwhile progress will continue in the front of the building around the entrance.

Monday morning all hands pouring concrete  for the slab.

Half way through the pour

All finished on Monday

Tuesday 18/8. Looking from the school hall back toward the old Parish Centre

And again

The view from the old Parish Centre

Not much left of the old Parish Centre now. Walls gone and roof sheets off.

Photos of Progress in week 8 and 9 (30/7/20)

Not a great deal of visual progress over the past two weeks.  We have lost a few days to rain, but preparations for the concrete slab have continued.  Most work has been in the front section, beside Fr Leo’s old office where it is being extended across and out.

Video of Progress up to week 7 (16/7/20)

Progress up to week 7 ‎‎(16/7/20)‎‎

Photos of Progress in week 7 (16/7/20)

Some rain this week saw a small delay in laying bricks. However by Thursday the bricking has been completed. This delay will push back the laying of the slab by a few days.

Tuesday morning rain

Wednesday - first bricks laid

First layer of brick wall complete and ready for the slab to be laid

Photos of Progress early in week 6 (8/7/20)

The view from the old Parish Centre toward the school hall.

A lot of ‘inground’ work is happening this week and next week in preparation for the concrete slab to be laid by about 21/7/20.  Progress is just a half a day behind the schedule, due to rain.

The view of the new courtyard from the school hall back toward the Parish Centre, yet to be landscaped.

Outside foundations concreted

Preparation of internal foundations

First bricks on site

Photos of Progress early in week 5 (30/6/20)

Photos of Progress early in week 4 (23/6/20)

Old Parish Centre

Much of the in ground plumbing completed

Trench for the footings of the end wall


Supporting another local business - Engadine Heathcote Landscape Supplies

Photos of Progress early in week 3 (16/6/20)

Fr Loe’s Office disappearing

            Going                                      Going                            Going                                Gone      

Photos of Progress early in week 2 (9/6/20)

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The artist interpretation of the completed Parish Community Centre from the rear.

UPDATE January 2020.

Following the sale of John Paul Village we are now in a satisfactory financial position to enable us to proceed with this project.  On 21 November 2019 Archbishop Anthony Fisher gave his approval for us to proceed with the new Parish Community Centre.  We have appointed a Project Manager to lead us through the construction.  We have invited the builder who successfully tendered for the construction in 2017 to revise his quotation.  Provided the new quote is within the parameters set by us we will proceed with him and hopefully commence construction in April 2020.

To read the leaflet about the proposed Parish Community Centre click on 
Parishioner Advice.docx

Read Frequently asked questions  from parishioners and the responses to those questions.

News from 2017

The plans for the Parish Community Centre have now been finalised and all necessary documentation completed. We have issued invitations to four builders to tender for the construction of the centre.  Tenders close on June 23, 2017, and we will then be working with our architect to select the preferred builder for the project. 

There are still a few hurdles to cross, not the least of which is to pray that the construction costs are within our budget. After a builder is selected a construction certificate needs to be completed and approved by the Certifier and builders contract prepared and executed by the builder and the archdiocese Trustees.

We remain hopeful that construction will commence in August/September 2017.

Unfortunately, due to construction cost and decline in Direct Giving income we took the decision in mid 2017 to postpone further progress on this project until sufficient funds became available.