Frequently asked questions

The following questions have been asked and we provide answers below each question.

  1. Would it be possible to include a Quiet Room in the new centre?  This is not something that we had considered, but we will include it in our considerations now. Perhaps the parish library could serve this purpose, and we will investigate this option.
  2. Could the room booking be handled by a volunteer? We will probably have our Parish Secretary (Tara Anderson) look after room bookings for the meeting and conference rooms.  Our Youth Worker (Raqael Lisboa) will look after booking of the Youth Matters room. Tara and Raqael will be located close together in the new centre and will they will discuss "cross usage" occasions. 
  3. It is unclear on the drawings where the alterations commence in the existing Parish Centre?   Full architect drawings will be displayed once the concept design stage has been finalised.  We came to parishioners early with preliminary plans, showing some hand draw modifications, because we want parishioner feedback, so that further modifications could be considered and made.  There will be little or no modification to the secretary or photocopier offices, or the entry lobby.  There will be minor modification to the first two priests offices. If you draw an imaginary line from the junction of Fr Leo office and the small interview room across the divide between the meeting room and parish library that is where the changes start. This will become clearer when final plans are drawn.
  4. Are there sufficient toilets for the new facility?  Arising from this question, we have increased the number of toilets to 4. There will be a Ladies with 2 cubicles, a Mens with 1 cubicle and a urinal and a unisex disabled facility.
  5. Should we have an emergency exit onto the Handley Field?  There are 5 exits from the building, and the architect thought these to be adequate. It is acknowledged that 3 of the exits lead to the same outdoor location, but the other 2 exits lead to the front of the building. These 5 exits are satisfactory in terms of the Building Code and Fire regulations.
  6. What happens to 80 Banksia Ave, when Youth Matters move to their new premises?  The property will be retained by the parish as an investment property.  The rental income will provide part of the finance to repay the Parish Community Centre building loan.
  7. Have other locations been considered for the Community Centre?  Many other locations around the parish were considered, but rejected for a variety of reasons. The selected location was the most suitable, being reasonably close to the parish car park and the church.  
  8. Why are we using part of the school playground?  As stated above, we considered many options. One of our criteria was that we want to cause as little disruption to others as possible, including the Salesians, the school and neighbours.  We have spoken with the Salesian Priests and the Primary School Executive and they are both very supportive of this project and have agreed to this location.  The school executive noted that whilst this is playground area, it is a little used section of the playground.  There will still be plenty of locations within the Handley Field for children who prefer a quieter area.  Some children will love the new wall with the adjoining path for hand ball games, etc.