Completed Projects

Parish Community Centre

Construction of the new Parish Community Centre was commenced in June 2020, completed in February 2021 and opened and blessed on March 26, 2021.

Read the journey toward the construction and the photos during construction. 

Awning for Engadine Church 

This attractive awning now provides great benefits for many parish groups and sacraments during times of rain and heat,  for example: weddings, funerals, baptisms, confirmation, 1st communions, Palm Sunday, Youth groups for their fund raisers, morning tea after family Masses, Piety stall, etc.  The cover will also provide protection for the disabled and aged while entering their cars. 


Our builders 'Hansen & Yuncken' anticipate completion by mid December.   Whilst completed 2 weeks late due primarily to rain, it was done in time for Christmas 2012.

Thanks to the finance members who determined this need after listening to parish groups - and then did the hard work for documentation and work with the builders.  

Path between car park and entry to church

When the covered entry to the church was completed we replaced the old damaged path between the car park and the front entry to the church. We were concerned that the old path had cracks and was lifted in places and had become un-safe. We was completed just prior to Christmas 2011. (updated 08/03/2012).

The Salesian Garden 

This project was completed and has transformed the area between the front of the Engadine Church (on Banksia Ave) and the car park, into a beautiful garden.

Our sincere thanks to Kevin Gurney for his vision and hard work in leading generous helpers to build the garden.  These helpers included Jolanta Banach,  Martin Muscat, and Bazil Kirk who helped in the garden preparation and building.  To Stuart Munn who set the bollards into place and prepared them (sanding and priming) and for general work around the garden and advice to Kevin.     Andy Maglicic did significant preparation on the last two bollards with sanding and priming, many thanks! 

To Nicole Mackenzie for her design and countless hours in leading the painting of the bollards!    We cannot be grateful enough for the time and skill that Nicole gave to the parish on this project!    Her helpers on the early bollards included many of our youth, with Shannon Smith, Raqael Lisboa, and Keisha De Silva being consistent helpers.   In the latter bollards it was Jackie Carnegie, Elizabeth Koss, Shannon Smith and Maria Topping who gave her great support.  

Others put in time and we are grateful.   I hope as people enjoy the garden we can say a prayer of thanks to God and a prayer for these generous people.

Repairs to the Engadine Church Roof

Repairs were made.   We continue to have random flooding when there are severe storms.  The finance committee are continuing to explore if experts can identify the cause and a solution?  To date we have had no success.

Assistance for people with impaired hearing

The hearing loops have now been installed in the centre two aisles of Engadine Church   

When Heathcote Church was build a device called a hearing loop was installed in the body of the church to enable people with hearing aids to receive a much clearer quality of sound.  We have investigated the option of installing a similar device in Engadine Church and the Finance committee has approved installation.  The device will work for people when they sit in the centre two aisles. 

Awning for Heathcote Church &  Modifications at Heathcote Church.   

The awning at the front of Heathcote Church was replaced.
We widened the front doors of Heathcote Church, and installed an exit door on the car park side to cover safety regulations.    The cost of this work was approximately $55,000.

Memorial Garden 

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Air Conditioner added to Mazzarello Chapel

2015 - Thanks to a generous parishioners donation!

Stained Glass Panels in the Engadine Church were repaired. 

March 2016