Parish Pastoral Works

Many of our Parish Pastoral Works do not require funding, or are self funded.  However, for any of our Groups or Ministries requiring funding for the work they do, or for special projects, funds may be made available through our Charitable and Pastoral Works Fund.

Projects funded in this way include the following:

St Vincent de Paul; food vouchers during Covid-19

Covid-19 is causing difficulties for Parishioners in so many ways.  

In Engadine Parish, for many years, we have had a team of parishioners working behind the scenes to help local people through difficult periods in their lives. St Vincent de Paul Society, often known as Vinnies, are here to help.  We are concerned about the well being of Parishioners who now find themselves out of work, through no fault of their own, and income streams drying up. Many who have never been in this position before, not knowing where to turn, or what to do.

Should you find yourself in this vulnerable position, we would like to hear from you, and see how we might help provide a ‘Hand Up’.  Please complete this short registration form and we will be in touch with you shortly. If you prefer you could call us on 9548 0570.  

An initial contribution of $4,200 has been made for the purchase of Woolworths Food Vouchers.  More will be provided in need.

Social Justice Group; shipping costs for medical equipment and supplies to Maliana Hospital 

The Bosco Social Justice Group has had an ongoing relationship with the Catholic Parish in Maliana, East Timor since 2012. They have funded a number of projects in Maliana through parishioner donations and fund raising events.

The BSJG have been approached to assist with the purchase, and shipping costs, of a container from Brisbane to Maliana, East Timor. The container will be filled with medical equipment requested for, and required by, the Maliana District Hospital, Maliana, and two of its outlining clinics. The equipment has been sourced in Australia and has been checked by technicians and certified for use and is ready for shipment to Maliana. Funding provided by the BSJG and the Parish will remove further delay in getting this equipment to Maliana. The Parish Charitable & Pastoral Works Fund has contributed $7,000 to the BSJG to enable them to cover the full freight costs of $11,975.

Some pictures of the supplies and equipment being shipped