History of Stewardship in our Parish

Stewardship Reflection

My church is composed of people like me. I help make it what it is. 
It will be friendly, if I am. 
Its pews will be filled, if I help fill them. It will do great work, if I work. 
It will make generous gifts to many causes, if I am a generous giver. 
It will bring other people into its worship and fellowship, if I invite and bring them. 
It will be a church of loyalty and love, of  fearlessness and faith, and a church with 
a noble spirit, if I, who make it what it is, am filled with these same things. 
Therefore, with the help of God, I shall dedicate myself to the task of being all the 
things that I want my church to be.    
Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester. NY 

Stewardship Ministry Enquiries

Parish Secretary 9520 8277  or Maria Burns 9548 2815


2009-2010 (Thanks to Maria Burns for compiling and recording this)



SEPT 2009-NOV 2009  

PPC began to explore and a small group gathered - based on these ideas.

Discipleship  -  Following Christ because he has first  loved us.

Belonging   -  A welcome that draws us to connection      and belonging.

Giftedness    -  Focusing, Nurturing, Sharing and Giving

DEC.2009 –OCT 2010    Explore/Reflect/ Discuss        

Lead by Maria and Caroline the group explored the following:     

Hospitality – “Remembering Jesus- Scriptures/Early Church/meaning and impact of hospitality

 Stewardship in Action –Shared examples of how we had demonstrated or how we had become aware of Stewardship personally

 Presence and Mindfullness and Equanimity : Presence - . Be right here, in this moment  Mindfullness  - Remaining in the present

 Gifts of Gratitude and Blessing :Gratitude has to do with feeling and expressing appreciation. Blessing is the act of giving something positive to another in thought, word, or deed.

 How does Stewardship support the life of the community a) Working with Parish Council,Finance Committee and others (b) Developing a way forward for supporting Ministry groups (eg gift discernment days, ministry fair, formation for coordinators, caring for groups)



 Creating and adoption  of Focus Statement- STEWARDSHIP: God’s way of life Our way of Life  + LOGO

 Creation of Parish Needs List  (Both on web site and Promotional flyers on Church doors at Heathcote and Engadine        (Feb-May)

Welcoming      Parish Family at Mass-Handing out Mass Bulletins

Hospitality      Cake & Coffee served by Stewardship Group (St John Bosco Vigil Mass    (30th Jan)

Hospitality      Cake & Coffee  served by Stewardship Group  (Recently Baptised & Families -9.30 Mass   (2nd May)

Hospitality      Cake & Coffee  Morning Tea – JPV Anniversary Celebrations- to be hosted by Stewardship Group  & others  (24th Oct)

Suggestion to Update Parish Directory  - work being done on this ?



Monthly Stewardship Team Meeting    First Wednesday of each month

Monthly Stewardship Mass  Began16/1/10

Aquinas Academy Day Course  “Putting Belief into Practice” ( Stewardship Members attended

Visit to Mary MacKillop Museum (6 Stewardship members + 4  others attended 


 *Parish Leaders Night   (27th May):

Number of Participants  -57 

Shared inspiring and thought  provoking ideas on:

What is Stewardship and how is it working in other parishes;Reflections on roles of Parish Leaders; Sharing vision for the parish and groups;Proposed visit of Tracy Welliver;Personal recognition and naming of gifts;Inviting friends to name our giftedness:Finding your talents and building your strengths


Supper served

ACTION from this:

TRACY WELLIVER DAY- Support of Parish Groups

 *Tracy Welliver Day    (25th July)

Number of Participants (Registered) -189

Morning Session = 112 People

Afternoon Session =   39 People  Plus   Some morning attendees decided to stay

Evening Session     = 38 People   Plus

 (Not all participants registered)


Morning Tea served

Lunch  served      

Sausage Sizzle


      1.       Stewardship-What is it .How is it a Gift to our Parish

2.      How Stewardship can help us make a difference  -for those who wish to apply the gift of Stewardship

3.        Stewardship and Youth

Awakening Form:


Would you like to participate in a free workshop

Do you have a better understanding of Stewardship

Have your gift/talents been awakened

Would you like to use your gifts/talents for the benefit of the Parish

Would you like a member of the Parish to call you

ACTION resulting from this:

a)      Strengths & Talents  On-line Questionaire     Question 1   (20 Participants)

b)      3 Workshops

c)       In process-FOLLOW UP to Question 4

*Parish Expo of Group Ministeries     (11th Sept)

To celebrate the gift of all our Ministeries to the  Parish of St John Bosco.To bring an awareness to others of the work done in the various Groups

Number of Groups represented =

*Strengths and Talents Workshops

Number of Participants = 20?

Number of Workshops = 3    (13th Sept;20th Sept;27th Sept)

Workshop #1: Discover your natural talents - 
  Understand your natural talents and tap into their real potential;


Workshop #2: Identify and value talents in others -
  Understand how talents differ in people and where they can either be complimentary or conflicting;


 Workshop #3: Applying your talents to help others -
 Learning how your unique talents can be of real value to others;