Welcoming Ministry Guidelines

The Role of a Greeter

The role of the Greeter is to make parishioners/the community feel welcome by conversing with them, getting to know them, and letting them know they are a part of “a home that welcomes, a parish that evangelizes, a school that prepares them for life, and a playground where friends come to meet and share.”  This can be achieved by:

*Handing out bulletins before Mass

*Welcoming parishioners—new and old

*Actively seeking out new or inactive parishioners (before and after Mass)

-Talking with them, finding out who they are and what they’d like from     their parish

-Letting them know about our various groups and activities

-Where possible, inviting them to take part in the Mass e.g. the


-Introducing them to others

-If acceptable, showing them around the church…walking them in and

    maybe saying something about how SJB celebrates the Mass or

    something special about our church

-If children are present, telling them about the monthly Family Masses

    and handing them one of the children’s Way of Mercy Walk


(During the Homily might be a good time to look around for new faces.)

As greeter, you might feel more comfortable approaching new people in pairs.  With a ‘wingman’ you are also better able to converse with more than one person at a time and thus won’t miss greeting a new parishioner while talking with another!