Maintenance Teams

There are groups who operate formly in this area to help maintain our Churches and Parish Centre.

1. Thursday Maintenance Team:   This is a group of men who help with general maintenance of the church and parish centre - They gather every Thursday at around 9am and have morning tea at 10 am ... finishing up before lunch.  Contact Alf Vassallo 9545-4586 if you would like to help.

2.  Church Cleaning groups - Friday ladies and the Heathcote teams.  Engadine church - Contact Christine Court if you would like to help: 9548-2626 (more ..)
     Heathcote Church cleaning. John O'Dea 9520 8613 (more ...)
3.  Lawn Mowing team

Thank you all for your support of maintaining the parish grounds at Engadine. 
If you cannot make your rostered day please arrange a replacement.
   Let us know if there are any fuel or mower (e.g. blades etc) problems.  All grass cuttings can be placed in the green garbage bin.    Lawn mower and petrol available.     Enquiries: Parish Centre 9520 8277.

See the Roster tab above for the people involved.