Friday Church Cleaning Ladies

Church Cleaning Ladies: for Engadine
('The Friday Ladies')
Just before the Shrine was finished, one of the burning issues for Fr Ciantar our, then, Parish Priest was who could he get to clean it on a regular basis, how much might it cost and how would the Parish ever afford it? He decided to ask some Ladies of the Parish if they would consider forming a group to do the job. They agreed and so The Church Cleaning Ladies – or as they are more commonly known – The Friday Ladies came into existence. That was back in 1967 and some of the ladies also took on the task of doing the flowers for weddings and other special occasions.
Successive Parish Priests have continued to support the Ladies by offering lunch and, all told, about 60 Ladies have been part of The Friday Ladies since 1967; with some originals still there although now in their 80s.
There has never been a roster. The Ladies simply come if they can; after the 9.20 Mass on Friday mornings. They also pitch in and do whatever needs to be done to keep the Shrine sparkling clean; with fresh floral arrangements for weddings and festive occasions. Then, after the cleaning jobs have been done they go across to the Presbytery for lunch and, if one of them is having a birthday, a cake to celebrate the occasion.
If you would like to be part of our special ministry and share Friday lunch with us, we would welcome you enthusiastically.
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Friday mornings around ten, the cleaning angels appear.
This commitment has been for many a year.
They prepare God’s house with loving care
for a warming welcome when we gather for prayer.

The kneelers go up, stray papers collected,
floors swept and vacuumed, no corner neglected.
The candles are trimmed, the altar liturgically dressed
and for special occasions flowers arranged on request.

Whether sweeping a floor or dusting a pew
someone always takes time to ask “How’s things with you?”
You know they are happy to lend you an ear
or a comforting shoulder to shed a tear.

They tackle the job with genuine pleasure
but the friendships they’ve made are what they treasure.
So when the tasks are completed and our Church is prepared
they adjourn next door where lunch and stories are shared.