Guidelines for Advertising/Promotions in our Parish

Creating guidelines for:-

1. Notices in Mass.    
2. Notices in the bulletin.    
3. Notices on the Church notice boards in the foyers.

4. Speaking at Masses

Reasons for these guidelines.    Advertisements/Promotions even for good things, have the potential to take away from the central liturgy.  It is like ‘ads’ affecting the integrity of a good movie.    

Secondly the impact of advertisements at Mass, on the workload of the people who prepare the weekly liturgy slides and the musicians at individual masses is more than people realise.  We are dealing with 7 masses, so someone has to communicate the new procedures to each of the musicians and then some of those people can find it difficult to implement the extra things being asked of them.    

I realise that each request in itself is small but there is a cumulative effect overall.

A third reason is the impact that requests have on me as Parish Priest.  I wish to empower groups to make the decisions where their requests for advertising are appropriate and to empower others for example the Liturgy Committee, who are involved in the decision making process - to respond.  Again for myself,  it is the cumulative effect - each little decision is not significant, but when added together at times I find it burdensome.

If there are disagreements or different interpretations of the following guidelines, I as Parish Priest, will work with the people who see things differently.  

Criteria for Advertising Notices.

  1. During Mass:      We do not announce notices from the pulpit unless it is something for the whole Parish Community (or something major for our Youth - our Salesian bias).  

        Notices on the screen after communion need to be about whole parish events, or to something that is         happening after that specific Mass.  eg. Prayer Ministry after the 6 pm Mass or Maliana Market taking            place outside after that particular Mass.

        Notices on the screen before or after Mass cannot be used to advertise future events.  (The bulletin            and other means are appropriate for those.)

  2.   Notices in the bulletin:   These are about our community events and our Parish Groups.  

       Some, flagging notices for Diocesan Events or people who have contributed to our community will be         included.   eg. Mons. Kerry Bayada's retirement, Fr John Sullivan's 50th Anniv. Mass., etc.

  3.    On the website we advertise anything appropriate.  There is an area on the website for events,            invitations and other functions outside the parish and groups are welcome to send (Tara) items to           be included in this section.

  4.      Notices in the Foyer:

        We are at present striving to develop a more effective way to use the Notice-boards in the foyers.

        The issues are :-

  • Timing of notices - some are there for months - even after the event etc. has occurred.

  • Responsibility for disposing of Notices after their “use-by” date.

  • Target audience of advertisement

  • General neatness of the foyers - overcrowding of advertisements, which detracts from the impact of their own and other group’s advertisements, as well as the overall “look” of the foyers to anyone who comes to visit the Church.

This is a working document so if you have any comments to improve it or any areas that it is not covering - please contact Fr Mick with your suggestions.