Prayers of Intercession

Guide to writing Prayers of Intercession for the

Parish of St John Bosco Engadine/ Heathcote.

Any member of the Liturgy Committee can also assist you

Name of the Prayer

Prayer of the Faithful (our prayer)

Titles given by various authors/ groups etc.

Prayer of the Faithful.

Prayer of Intercession.

Universal Prayer.

The Prayer of the Faithful is prepared for Weekend Masses, as well as important Feast Days throughout the year

The Format of the Prayer

  • Intercession - begins “We pray for……” - therefore addresses and names the person, organisation, country etc. e.g. the Pope, Bishops, Civil authorities, those who have died etc.

  • The Prayer  - is directed to God begins with the words

“Lord, may …….”

If God is mentioned further into the prayer – use the word You … don’t repeat Lord as we are speaking directly to God. This is usually the part the congregation are reading. Keep the Prayer confined to one sentence.

  • Introduction and Conclusion - are read by the celebrant.

In between, it is preferable to have 5 prayers(Max.6) / intercessions/prayers in the set order.

Our “pattern” within the prayers –

Prayer 1. For the Pope, Bishops, Australian Bishops

Prayer 2. Civil Leaders & countries etc. (National disasters etc. etc.)

Prayer 3. Prayer for that particular week of the Month e.g. Social Justice, Vocations etc. (list given below)

Prayer 4. Prayer for - checklist e.g. Youth as this is the Year of Youth

Prayer 5. Prayer for the deceased – extremely ill etc. at the end of this prayer we always add   “especially ……) so that the parish Secretary can put the actual names in for the lector to read.

As well as the every week examples it was decided to have a list of significant groups/ intentions / on which to focus on a regular basis. (This can be changed for other significant/relevant intercessions when required)

*season of the year,

* Issues which are universal, national, local, parish.

* A few examples – for RCIA candidates, catechumens, 50th Anniversary of the Church,

HSC students, Sacramental celebrations St Vincent DePaul … etc. etc.

*Social Issues – Mother's /Father’s Day, etc.etc

*** Year of …… -  This year is the Year of Youth (ends Nov.) –

There is a list (you will be given) listing a prayer for every week of the year for your information.

*International Issues.

*Local Parish Celebrations- Before / on the weekend of First Communion /Confirmation

The list is long and if you have a special once a special prayer (see below) for examples

Our Special Prayers on a regular monthly basis.

As well as the every-week examples it was decided to have a list of significant groups, intentions to focus on, on a regular basis. Sometimes these are “moveable” owing to a more universal planning or emergency

Those intentions currently on the list are:

Week 1 the Armed Forces (and can add families)

Week 2 Social Justice (Adrien LeGras is the representative of that Cttee and sends a list of issues which their committee have decided upon for the year– (he writes the prayer and includes a PPP slide with his Word Doc.) A copy will be given to you for the rest of the year – with the date and Sunday closest to the intentions for which they would like to pray.

Week 3 Vocations – not only religious but any vocations in life e.g. Marriage Sunday for that intention.

Week 4 Abuse of any kind

Week 5   (obviously when there is one) - Antioch.

Details /Information

  • The roster at the moment is for every 6 weeks – and of course, if there is an emergency you can swap with someone else. (send out a general email to those on the Cttee)

* There is a printed roster issued – with

* Date/ Sunday of the Year OR Significant Feast day, e.g. Eastertide finishes with the four Feasts – Ascension, Pentecost, Corpus Christi and Trinity,

* We move back to Ordinary Time Year B.

* There are a few feasts which if they fall on a weekend would have special POF, these would be listed in the Liturgy Calendar and of course when we celebrate our Parish feast of St John Bosco it takes precedence and we use special prayers not the ones for that Sunday of the year.

** For the sake of the musicians preparing their PPP for their weekend Mass / Masses and for the parish secretary a word copy and the PPP is forwarded to Joan Moylan phone if needed 9520 7546 by Wednesday night prior to the POF you are rostered for.  if at all possible.

** They will be able to be sent to the rostered musicians and Tara by Thursday lunchtime. This allows time in case there have been changes to the Musicians roster or an emergency prayer or name of deceased added to the POF and the Bulletin sheet being prepared by Tara


Set up of slide presentation

When the computer was set up –we were advised to always make sure we have good contrast between the background and the written word on the slide – he suggested "deepish" blue  background with white writing, Some people use a white background with black writing ( as long as you use good contrast)

Size of font – usually between 36 – 38  (Fr Michael aims to use size 40 fonts)

Font – It was also suggested the use Verdana 40

For POF set-up

Slide 1- black

Slide 2 – Title Slide – while the priest is reading the introduction

Eg:   Prayer of the Faithful

3rd week of Ordinary Time Year B

Slide 3 – picture / images for Intercession 1

Slide 4 – Text of prayer.

This formula (slide 3 and 4) is repeated throughout the list of prayers.

A black slide while Priest is reading the conclusion, then a slide with an image (if you want) plus the word Amen. (Maybe an image which matches the title image / or a smaller image of the slide you used at the beginning of the prayer – your choice)

Finish with black slide.