RCIA DATES 2020-21

Brian Anderson 0424 941 309 or brian56anderson@gmail.com
Gayle Anderson 0498 982 327 or gayle.anderson.058@gmail.com

RCIA Team Meeting   

Meetings held in the Parish Meeting Room: 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Phase One: INQUIRY
What is the Catholic faith all about  …….and am I called to embrace it?

Wed 20 May 2020             - In Search of God - Welcoming people wishing to make initial enquiries about RCIA

Wed 3 June 2020            - Tour of a Catholic Church

Tues 9 June 2020              -  7.30 pm Mass in Engadine Chapel

Wed 17 June 2020            - Prayer

Break for School Holidays

Wed 1 July  2020           Birth of the Church

Wed 22 July    2020       The Bible: Word of God

Wed 5 August   2020     The person of Jesus 

Wed 19 August   2020     Catechism of the Catholic Church

Wed 2 September 2020—Structure of the Church ( Part 1)

Sun 13 September 2020— Gather for Sunday 6pm Mass

Wed 16 September 2020— Structure of the Mass (part 2)

Break for School Holidays

Wed 14 October 2020—Sacraments of the Church ( Part 1)

Wed 28 October 2020—Sacraments of the Church (Part 2)

Tues 3 Nov 2020—7.30pm Mass in the Engadine Chapel

Wed 18 Nov 2020—Preparing for the Rite of Welcome

**Sun 22 Nov 2020—Celebration of the Rite of Welcome and Acceptance (Sun 6pm Mass)

Wed 2 December 2020—Season of Advent

Wed 16 December 2020—Christmas Gathering

 TBA 2nd Rite of Reconciliation 

Break for School Holidays

Studying and living the Catholic faith.

Sun 17 Jan 2021—Informal Picnic- Cooper Street Park (11.30am-1.30pm)

Wed 3 Feb 2021 - Season of Lent

Wed 17 Feb 2021 - Ash Wednesday Mass

** Sunday 21 Feb 2021- Celebration of the Rite of Election at St Mary's Cathedral. Saturday 6pm Vigil Mass (20 Feb) Parish Mass, then 2pm at St Mary's Cathedral on Sunday 21st.


An in-depth time of conversion and preparation.

Wed 24 Feb 2021—Lenten Program Wk2

Wed 3 March 2021—Lenten Program Wk 3
Sunday 7 March 2021—Parish Mass (1st  Scrutiny)- Saturday Vigil 6pm Mass
Wed 10 March 2021—Lenten Program Wk 4

Sunday 14 March 2021—Parish Mass (2nd  Scrutiny) - Sunday 9.30am Mass

Wed 17 March 2021—Lenten Program Wk 5

Sunday  21 March 2021—Parish Mass (3rd Scrutiny) - Sunday Evening 6pm Mass

Wed 24 March 2021—Reflect on the Easter Ceremonies

TBA 2nd Rite of Reconciliation


**Sunday  28 March 2021 — Palm Sunday Mass (Your Choice of Parish Mass Time)
**Thursday  1 April 2021 - 7.30pm Holy Thursday Mass of the Last Supper
** Friday 2 April 2021 - 10.00am Good Friday Stations of the Cross and/or
                           3.00pm Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ
**Saturday 3 April 2021
- 10.00am Holy Saturday Morning Reflection

Phase Four: Celebration of becoming Catholic

Baptism and/or Reception into full communion of the Catholic Church.

**Saturday 3 April 2021 - (Vigil Easter Mass) Time to be advised. Expected to be 7.30pm or 8pm.


The ongoing living out of our Catholic faith through  parish involvement.

Date to be advised:  Easter gathering to  share stories—Ministry and Mission


Contact: Fr Michael Court 9520 8277 mickcourt@salesians.org.au

or Gayle/Brian Anderson 95203672 or 0424941309 / 0498982327 or brian56anderson@gmail.com