RCIA Leaders

Introducing our Leaders - Brian and Gayle Anderson:

We became members of the parish community when we moved with our children to the parish in 1984. We visited the presbytery to meet the parish priest, and make ourselves known, with the offer to be available should the parish have any work with which we could be of use. Well, a lovely gentleman, Mr Bert Ackers, arrived next day and signed us up to a variety of ministries, and this was the beginning of a long, rich and happy relationship with the Bosco community.   Our four children have been educated through the primary school and college and they too have, from time to time, -  been involved in one way or another around the parish.     Over the years we have been a part of many different activities and ministries, and though more recently our energies have been focussed elsewhere for a variety of reasons,  our ‘return’ to this beautiful parish community is like a home coming, and we feel especially grateful for the love, goodness and welcome of so many wonderful parishioners.

We noticed a call in the parish bulletin for assistance with the RCIA programme – and literally turned to each other in the pew when we saw it.   We had previously been very involved in a similar programme with Bryan and Jan Coupland some years back, and more recently ,  leading a  groups in a neighbouring parish, and we felt very much that this was an invitation from Jesus to ‘be part of the story’ !!    It’s a privilege to be able to share in this particular way in parish life – together with the whole team, to be able to represent the parish in welcoming those wishing to join the community and find belonging, just as we found when we first arrived 28 years ago.

Gayle and Brian Anderson