Summary of Minutes from Liturgy Meetings

Summary of the Minutes from March 2017 Meeting


  • Sacramental Celebrations and programs in 2017- were discussed.

  • Lent and Holy Week and the preparation and organisation of the major events

  • Reconciliation before Easter

  • Masses for groups - eg Antioch and the Annual Sports Mass

  • RCIA Rite of Election and Scrutinies - RCIA team 


  • Sundays in lent

  • 17th March - St Patrick

  • 19th March - Feast of the Annunciation

  • 9th April - Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

  • 13th April - Thursday of the Lord's Supper

  • 14th April - Celebration of the Passion of the Lord

  • 15th April - Holy Saturday - Easter Vigil

  • 16th April - Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

  • Forward planning

  • family Mass - 2nd April

  • Antioch weekend -

  • Sports Mass

             A timetable for the major feasts and events with dates and times has been prepared and notices will be on the doors of both  Churches and in parish Bulletins and on the Bulletin sheets of both Parish schools and distributed to all schools in the parish by the Catechists. Please refer to the times / dates / location


  • A successful evening of prayer and supper was held on 7th March - in thanksgiving for the commitment and dedication of those involved in any way in Liturgical ministries in the parish - from Altar servers onwards. Grateful thanks especially to those who came along to those who organised the Supper.

  • Ash Wednesday celebrated at both Churches - thanks to musicians.


    * Happy with the "welcome" before Mass at Engadine - Father has organised for a person to do this for a month at a time.

    * New Ministers of the Eucharist training - at Engadine Church - 2 sessions one practical and one theory on 8th May and 15th         May 7.30-8.30pm

    * Commissioning of the new Ministers on the Feast of the Body and Blood Christ on the weekend of the 18th May.

    * Parish 2nd Rite of Reconciliation on 4th April (Tuesday night) at 7.30pm) NO MAss on that evening.

    * Sacramental Enrolments for the Sacraments - Reconciliation First Eucharist and Confirmation to take place at all Masses         both Churches over three weeks in March

    *    See calendar above for Sports Mass.


  • Planning for Holy Week - Celebrants for the different events organised

  • Changes to times / additions to calendar organised

  • Paschal Candles purchased.

  • Necessary symbols / other requirements "in hand

  • Most of the meeting was taken up with Easter planning which are reflected in the calendar above and also in the various Bulletins in the parish.

        * Musicians for weddings and funerals - we are still working on putting a list together of those who are interested This is an ongoing task .

    There being no further General Business the Meeting closed at 9:10pm

NEXT MEETING 7.30pm 6th April Parish Centre - brought forward because of Holy Week

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