Family Mass

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Unfortunately, Covid restrictions prevent this happening at the moment.     We are hopeful our situation changes so we can resume asap.                


9.30am at Engadine


February 16               A link to see a video that shared a Kindy welcome theme from the past.

March 22                                             


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December 24            Christmas 

    Family Masses

These masses are focused on families - and families are invited to participate via readings, plays, singing, processions, serving, prayers, etc.   

We have an optional practice on the Friday morning (8am) before the mass for those who wish to practice.

Families of all shapes and sizes…kids, parent/s,  grandparents & friends are all warmly welcomed

Guidelines to see how to do different Ministries at the Family Mass

Comments from Family Mass Celebrations - read more

Rationale - Why change from children mass to family mass?

1. Since it was mainly young children - at times it was difficult to focus them at practice and even within the mass.   If they are not active and involved it is so easy to become distracted.   The people organising including Fr Mick, were finding it quite stressful.  

There was disengagement past a certain age, and for some parents, who at times were becoming spectators of the children rather than participators in the liturgy! 
1.  Our hope is to build families - doing things together is one factor that supports this.

2.  By including older children and parents in the liturgical experience our hope is to encourage them through participation on their own faith journey .

3.  The younger children can learn so much by what we do.  They see they have a role beyond being young children and they are inspired and supported by their parents and older brothers or sisters.

4.   We hope that being with their families makes organisation easier and shares the load.

        Some Questions:

Can children still participate without their parent/s?

Yes. This is an option. We encourage the parent or carer to stand with the child - but it is not essential.

Is it all the family or none, if we are to participate?

No. There are single parent families and many families where only one partner is catholic, and some families that due to shift work cannot attend together. Sometimes older children do not come to mass with the family or the very young ...There will be many combinations.
All combinations are welcome and we acknowledge and celebrate these differences.