Offertory Procession Guidelines

Thank you for offering to take on a special role in this weekend’s Family Mass.
When does it happen?
This comes after the prayers of the faithful.   The priest will prompt you. 
The procession involvement goes along these lines......
Where do we sit?
 There will be a seat designated for the families involved in the procession in the centre aisle near the church entrance foyers (at the back). 

What do we bring down?
2.There will be a selection of gifts for the procession in the alcove.   Kim or a helper will give you something to bring down. 
It doesn’t matter who brings what, but the bread will come first while a song is sung.   Then the wine  and lastly the baskets with food for the poor and the collections.
How do we walk down? and what do we do when we get to the front?
3. Walk down the aisle assigned to you during the verse of the song that applies to you.  Bread will be during the first verse, wine during the second and gifts and collections during the third verse... and together walk behind the alter.   

4. The priest will invite one of you to hold up your gifts and pray a prayer.  Stay standing there, as the other families join you.

5.  When it is time for the Holy Holy prayer - the priest will invite you to return to your seats.

It would be good if you could get to the church about 10 mins before Mass so you can see where to sit, meet the other people in the procession and decide who will carry the various items. Kim will be there early before Mass, so we can have a walk through practice if you would like.
Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.
Please fell free to email or call 0407 789 130  if you have any questions or just need something clarified.  Kim