Procession of the Word

Where do we Sit?
There will be a seat designated for these families with a sign  ‘Word Procession’  at the back of the centre aisle near the doors of the church.

When do we do this?
It happens after the opening prayer. (The people sit down)  The priest will prompt you. 

Where is the book?
The book will be left for you on the alcove at the back of the Church. If you cannot see it before Mass, let Kim know and she will make sure you have it. Kim will be at the church early if you would like to walk through this before Mass.

What do we do?
We will use the following way (there are other ways which we can explore in the future.) 

1. All the people in the procession stand placed on alternate sides (facing each other, but not opposite each other /on the diagonal) down the centre aisle of the church.
2. When the music starts the Children's Liturgy book of readings is held up high by the first person who is standing near the entrance doors of the church.
3. This person walks slowly and hands it reverently to the next person diagonally down the aisle from them.
4. They in turn do the same to the next person...... and so on until it reaches the last person.
5. This person walks up to stand in front of the priest who will be waiting at the front. Before they give the book to him, this person slowly presents the ‘Word’ to all in the congregation by turning around in a full circle holding it high and showing them.
6. This person then gives the book to the priest who takes it to the lecturn ready for the reader.
7. Once the book is placed on the lecturn, all those who were in the procession return to their seats.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.
Please email or call 0407 789 130 if your have any questions.