Setting of Altar

Where do we sit?
There will be a seat designated with a sign on it for the ‘Offertory Procession’ in the centre aisle at the back of the church.    Please sit there -  on the ends of the seat is preferable.   That way you can come out into the centre aisle first and grab what you need ready to walk down towards the altar.

This happens just after the prayers of the faithful.   While the first collection is being taken up.
The priest will prompt you.  

What do we bring?
Kim will have what you need ready in a box in the alcove at the back of the centre aisle.
You will be carrying forward the Family Mass altar cloth and 2 candles.
What do you have to do?
The cloth has 4 corners so one person could be on each; or you could have two people carry it while it is still folded and one for each candle.... whatever you think will work best for your family. 
It’s just a matter of opening the cloth and placing it on the altar with the words ‘Family Mass’ facing the people. Trying to do it in a focussed way. Once the cloth is on, then placing the candles on the two front corners of the altar. We can light these before they are carried, or after they are placed...depends on the age of the children carrying the candles. Once everything is in place then simply bow to the altar/tabernacle together and return to your seats. The other people in the offertory procession will then bring up the other gifts.
Please feel free to either email or call 0407 789 130 if you have any questions.
I will be there early on Sunday morning if you want to have a walk through this before Mass.