What Time do we need to be there?
Please be there 15 minutes before mass.  At 9.15 am.

What do we do?
It involves greeting and welcoming people with a smile as they arrive with their families before they make their way into the church.... to be a positive and hospitable presence!!
Handing them one of the parish bulletins as you do this is good, but the primary purpose of this role is to offer welcome and a smile, since you will be their first point of contact.
You are encouraged to introduce yourself and maybe learn one new name :). 
Spread yourselves out under the awning area at the front of the church so that you catch people as they come in from various directions.
The bulletins are inside the church doors on the shelves. Take as many as you need, usually giving just one per family.
Leave some on the shelves for those parishioners who might slip by your welcome and not come in contact with you before they enter. They will expect some to be there.
Please feel free to email or call Kim 0407 789 130 if you have any questions. She will be there early on Sunday if you want to clarify anything or just get started when you arrive.