Penitential Rite Guidelines

When?   At the beginning of Mass.   There is the entrance hymn and following this the priest will make the sign of the cross and greets the people.  Then you come forward together and move to the Lectern.
Where do we sit?  Please sit in the second row at the front of the church on the side where the readings are done. There will be a sign on this seat saying ‘Penitential Rite’ readers. If you sit in the order that you will be reading it is easier for you as you come to the microphone when the priest indicates.
As each person finishes their part, they step aside and walk down to stand and wait for the others in front of the altar.
When everyone is finished and you are all together facing the altar, bow once together and then return to your seat. 
Kim will be there early Sunday morning if you want to have a walk through this before Mass.
Please remember to read slowly and clearly. Pause for a moment before you say ‘Lord have mercy’ or ‘Christ have mercy’ so that people have time to think about what you have said.
Even though it may not feel natural at first – the slower the better, especially when what you are reading is quite short. It is more powerful that way!
Thank you for offering to participate in this.
Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday morning.
Please call or email Kim if you have any questions0407 789 130