Adoration Vigils

This page shares with you the different times Adoration Vigils will be happening in our parish.
2am in the Chapel
2am in the Chapel
First Fridays
Vigils commence after 9.20am Mass on first Fridays in the Mazzarello Chapel at St John Bosco Church, Engadine and conclude at 10pm.
10am-12 noon          Adoration - quiet time
12 noon                   Angelus
1pm                        Cenacle
6pm                        Angelus followed by rosary
6.30-9pm                Adoration - quiet time
9pm                        Rosary
9.45pm                   Closing prayer

If you can commit to an hour please contact Brian on 0412 079 692.  You are welcome to turn up at any time during the day and stay for as long as you wish.

To Contact us:

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