Prayer of the Faithful

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

The Liturgy Committee would like to invite you to be part of a small initiative. It is hoped this will from time to time, bring the much appreciated (but often behind the scenes) work of your particular group to the awareness of the whole community. You are ‘part of the story’ of our parish, an integral
and valued piece of the ‘whole’ with the very specific service you offer.

The suggestion is related to the Prayers of Intercession that we pray as a parish family each Sunday at Mass. We would like to have at least one of the prayers each week focussing on the work of a particular parish group. Since there are many groups operating, it would be on a roster system as to
which particular group is the focus for any given Sunday. It may not be often, but it is an attempt to acknowledge, celebrate and support your work through the prayers of your brothers and sisters in Christ.

You know better than we, the particular needs, hopes and imaginings you have for the group as it continues in its ministry. Therefore to prepare a prayer that is specifically relevant and meaningful, we invite you to try to name them in discussion with each other. Please write them on the given
sheet (go to the bottom of this page) and return to the parish office at your earliest convenience. We would like to begin this initiative as the new liturgical year commences with the Advent season.

With gratitude for all you do to contribute to the life of our parish. We look forward to receiving the ‘needs, hopes and imaginings’ you identify that will become part of our communal prayer of the faithful.

Your brothers and sisters in Christ,

The SJB Liturgy Committee

 1st Sun Armed Forces and families
 2nd Sun.Social Justice
 3rd Sun. Vocations
 4th Sun.Victims of abuse of any kind