St John Bosco Youth Centre

Brief Description

St John Bosco Youth Centre is a large community based network of sporting clubs and competitions operating under the auspices of St John Bosco Parish. Parent volunteers are the back-bone of the Youth Centre’s operation. Today the Youth Centre organises ten sports catering for over 5000 members making it one of the largest sporting clubs in Sydney. The purpose of the Youth Centre is to promote cultural, sporting and social activities for young people, consistent with Don Bosco’s understanding that providing positive productive activities for young people assists in their personal and social development.

Brief History

In July 1964 Father Joseph Ciantar S.D.B, pioneer of the Salesian presence in Engadine, called a meeting to establish a club for the promotion of cultural, sporting and social activities for young people.

At that time Engadine was becoming home to an increasing number of families but with no organised activities for young people. A committee was formed and the St John Bosco Boys’ Club established. This was open to all local young people. Father Ciantar arranged for the use of a hall at Boys’ Town and the club began with about thirty boys taking part in gymnastics and boxing.

However as Engadine grew so too did the Boys’ Club. Gymnastics and Boxing were soon complimented by the formation of Rugby League and Cricket teams that blossomed into large clubs. Since then Soccer, Netball, Basketball. Baseball, Softball, Baton Twirling, Hockey, Touch Football, Water Polo, Oztag, and Summer Soccer have been part of the Youth centre’s activities.

In 1974 the club became St John Bosco Youth Centre to reflect its female membership.

The ‘Bosco’ clubs as they are known have established themselves as major competitors in all local Sutherland Shire sports. Football (Soccer), Netball, Baseball/Softball and Hockey have all become large and leading clubs. For a time the Bosco Basketball club was the biggest of its kind in Australia.

The Rugby League club has produced a range of First Grade players including Sean Ryan, Robbie Kearns and Luke Stuart. From the Cricket Club have emerged a number of grade cricketers including Mark Preddy and current Sutherland captain Matt O’Brien.


St John Bosco Youth Centre has charitable status as a non-denominational community based organisation that operates under the auspices of St John Bosco Parish. Each activity is administered and organised by a stand-alone committee and all activities operate under the central control of the Youth Centre Board.


The Youth Centre utilises the extensive ovals and gymnasium belonging to Boys’ Town as well as sporting facilities belonging to the local Sutherland Shire Council.

Between 1978 and 1984 volunteers erected a clubhouse on Boys’ Town Oval following the acquisition of an ex-factory office site from Marrickville. Aided by a NSW Department of Sport and Recreation grant and assistance from Boys’ Town and the local community this gave the Youth centre its own home with a meeting room and canteen. The building underwent many improvements over the years becoming known as “The Hut”.

This familiar local landmark was destroyed by fire on 31 January 2002. Since then the Youth Centre has operated out of temporary facilities provided by Boy’s Town.

Programmes and Activities

  • Activities operated by St John Bosco Youth Centre include competitions in a wide variety of sports including netball, basketball, baseball, softball, rugby league, cricket, hockey, soccer, summer soccer, gymnastics and oz tag. There are more than 5000 members participating in activities organised by the Youth Centre. There is also a Father and Son Camp each year.


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President:  Michael Howard

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St John Bosco Rugby League Club
Mick Hughes is President 0419800509
Mick Kelso is Secretary 0401 966886
Jane Troy is Registrar 0407209988
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St John Bosco Baseball and Softball Club

St John Bosco Cricket Club

St John Bosco Hockey Club
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Lawrie 95481490 or 0420934562

St John Bosco Basketball 
Goran Tipura is President - 0416054128
Sue Dewar (info / registration) - 95204569 
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St John Bosco Gymnastics Club
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Contact: Julie Gratton 0408284907

David Jordan - 0410 555 429