Religious Talks

Here are a list of powerful speakers on religious/life topics.   I am biased .. and these are people who have influenced me .. It gives you an introduction to many of my favourite teachers.  You can then search for their books and other talks on You-Tube and other sources on the internet.   Blessings ...
Joan Chittister   Gift of Art

Joan Chittister  Monastery of the heart

Frank Moloney  Gratitude

Joan Chittister on Peace

Richard Rhor What did Jesus Teach?

Richard Rhor The New Mind - Contemplative Mind

Ronald Rholheiser   Passion of Christ

Rob Bell  NOOMA series (here is one on wealth)  Rich | 013

Joyce Rupp Interview: 365 Names of God

Eckhart Tolle  Not reacting to Content

Ken Wilber   Science and Spirituality  (heavy intellectual content)

Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do ...(6 human needs)