SIP - Spirituality in the Pub

is a forum for conversation...

The contact person in our parish is Kevin Grant (

SIP was founded by CATALYST FOR RENEWAL. Its purpose is conversation for the sake of renewal.
In such conversations we listen to the longings, insights, questions, needs and aspirations of people. In this way we seek to understand and gain insight - individually and
corporately - into what is happening in the contemporary situation so that we might respond well.
We also seek to include in the conversation - at least implicitly - the foundational values of our faith as disciples of Jesus. Thus conversations are geared around what is actually happening, as distinct from what we might like to think is happening. These conversations seek to probe both the secular and sacred dimensions of our lives today. We do this by the careful selection of themes, topics and speakers. We choose a venue that will be open to such a conversation for all searchers, not only for those comfortable within traditional structures.
The format of the evening is simple:
  It begins at a designated time, say 7.30pm.
  There are two speakers.
  Each is given 15 minutes to present a point of view.
  The presentations are then followed by a 5 minute break.
  There is then open forum in which the people are invited to ask questions of the presenters or put their own point of view.
  The formal part of the evening ends an hour and a half later, say at 9pm.
In thinking about this initiative it is important to remember that Spirituality in the Pub focuses on conversation, not teaching.
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SIP is not operating formally in the parish at the moment - although Kevin Grant is actively involved with Catalyst for Renewal.