Hospital Visitations

Visitation of JPV Residents in Hospital                 Tues 9 Feb 2016


  • Over many years, historically, Fr Briffa (or the JPV Chaplain at the time in Fr Briffa’s absence) has made hospital visits to any sick residents from JPV – whether from ILU, LC or NH.

  • It was the practice that he would report back to a list of relevant staff via a group email as to the condition of residents. This is very helpful in being able to anticipate the residents return; monitor what is required at the Village end in terms of on-going care when they do; for any changes in accommodation that might be necessary, or extra help that might be needed for them.

  • Fr Briffa would visit on average three-four times per week.


  • When illness strikes a resident requiring that they go to hospital, often there is an unexpected, but associated feeling of vulnerability and sometimes anxiety around the condition and treatment they are facing.

  • Depending on the illness and circumstances (family and/or other support individuals have), the reality of having to go to hospital can be a shock and seem a little overwhelming.

  • Having to be away from friends and the routines of home life in the village, a person can feel isolated. Even being surrounded by doctors, nurses and hospital staff, a person may feel a little alone in walking the recovery journey.

  • Sometimes too, it’s hard for people to come to terms with their illness and to realise they may have to rely on and accept the help of others while they are not well.

  • It’s times like these that a caring presence, which links back to their home and friends can mean so much.

  • Many who have been visited over the years by Fr Briffa, Fr Eddie, Fr Owen I’m sure would testify to how much their caring visits were appreciated.

  • Often when we become ill, the spiritual dimension of our lives come into the foreground. People may want to speak to a priest, pastor or pastoral carer.

  • Catholic residents may specifically want to receive the sacraments while in hospital – Holy Communion, Reconciliation and Sacrament of the Sick.

  • Visiting the sick can make us aware not only about the physical condition which is important to report, but also help us to make sure the resident has he/she needs in the way of emotional and spiritual support also.

  • This ministry is an expression of the Salesian Charism and JPV Mission that we strive to be a living expression of Christ’s love for all.


  • Fr Peter Rankin’s transfer to Tasmania and Fr Briffa’s retirement to lesser duties both have a significant impact on the pastoral clerical leadership of the parish and village. It is a huge parish spanning from Loftus to Waterfall, with two churches and more than 50 active groups, led by lay people and ministering in different ways to the community. A sign of a very healthy parish and the empowering leadership of the Parish Priest Fr Michael Court.

  • Fr Jose Mathew will now be an integral part of the JPV Hospital Ministry but he will also be needed for parish work also on a daily basis.


  • Formation of a monthly roster team for hospital visitation.

  • Looking to have visits three times per week.

  • Fr Jose would be the constant every week (eg. Wednesdays/middle of the week) and on call as needed in his priestly duties.

  • Plus 2 other volunteers needed (eg. Monday and Friday) weekly.

  • If 10 volunteers are willing then it would be only a once a month commitment. (eg. A team for the 1st week of the month Fr Jose and 2 others; another team for the 2nd week of the month, Fr Jose and 2 others etc)

  • List of people to visit obtained from Leonie on NH reception – Catherine for self-care people; Steve for Home Care people and Low Care & Nursing Home staff will inform Leonie of those who have gone to hospital. These names are placed in a communications book for hospital ministry which you would refer to on your rostered day.

  • If needed, email reporting can be replaced by a simple form handed to Leonie at NH reception.

  • Leonie will then communicate to necessary staff the updates given.


  • You will need to have your own car and be willing to visit residents in:

The Sutherland Hospital

St George Public

St George Private Hospital

Kareena Hospital

President Hospital

  • Afternoons are generally the more preferred time to visit as mornings are often taken up with clinical matters.

  • If you are willing to go onto a monthly roster, please contact:

Kim Mannix on 8508 3317 or email