Strategic Plan 2011-2015 and Beyond

John Paul Village Strategic Plan

In February 2011 a planning meeting of residents, staff, and members of the Advisory Committee met for five hours to consider the information gathered from consultations in 2010 and to identify John Paul Village’s major challenges and goals in the coming years.

The major challenges identified were:

·         Keeping alive the spirit, identity and community of John Paul Village.

·         Meeting the current needs of residents, staff and volunteers at John Paul Village, and growing to meet the likely future needs of members of the wider community as they move into their senior years. This challenge includes improving and developing infrastructure, amenities, maintenance, environment, communications, activities and services.

·         Ensuring John Paul Village attracts and retains skilled staff and volunteers.

The meeting then began the process of drafting goals to help focus our planning. The goals have been expressed as:


1: Spirit, community and identity

John Paul Village will continue to grow as a vibrant community and a living expression of Christ’s love for all.


2. Growth

John Paul Village will seek to meet the needs of the St John Bosco parish and the local ecumenical community for support in retirement living and aged care.


3. Infrastructure and amenities  

John Paul Village will continue to identify and meet the day-to-day needs and requirements of current residents, future residents, and staff and volunteers, understanding that each group will have particular concerns and expectations.



4. Communications

John Paul Village will develop effective integrated communication systems to link, listen to, and inform residents, staff, volunteers, relatives, and the wider community. This development will include identifying the range of people we are communicating with, what methods are available, and what methods are appropriate and preferred.

5. Staff and volunteers

John Paul Village will continue to attract the best staff in the sector through excellence in support, workplace conditions, training, specialization, recognition and remuneration.

John Paul Village will maintain its spirit of volunteering, and volunteers will be valued and encouraged through improved organization, education and facilities.

6. Activities and services

John Paul Village will continue to develop its range of activities and services to meet current and future needs of all residents. This includes promoting independent living and activities, ensuring the quality of living standards, and increasing community care services, dementia services, low and high care support, and diversionary services.

Working parties developed strategies and actions to help us meet these goals. Many of the actions were drawn from the suggestions received through the surveys and consultations held in 2010.

Any comments or questions about the John Paul Village Strategic Planning process could be sent to the steering committee by email to