Come Alive Men's w/e Sept 2017

Dear Men of the Parish,

Through the Knights of the Southern Cross (Engadine Branch) we are organising a series of talks and experiences to be presented to the men of our Parish by MenALIVE on the weekend of the  16/17 Sept 2017.  

MenALIVE  is " A National Catholic Men's Ministry" which began in Brisbane in 2003 at the initiative of two Catholic laymen, together with the support of the Brisbane Archbishop.  Since then, they have run successful menALIVE weekends in most Australian states and New Zealand.

The retreat in Engadine was first proposed at a Knights of the Southern Cross meeting in 2016 (which I and the other priests attended) by Frank Burgess a long time dedicated and active Parishioner. Since then it has progressed and I, along with our other priests, am very happy to endorse, support and attend the weekend on 16/17 September, 2017.

The weekend will provide a down-to-earth opportunity to take time out to reflect on our lives, and re-discover God's purpose for each of us. The weekend will consist of a number of talks and personal testimonies, discussion groups, and a time for reflection, prayer, worship, Reconciliation and recreation.    AND you won't have to leave Engadine!

In the coming months members of the Knights will be outside Mass or calling on you directly. I encourage  you to attend this weekend and maybe you could think of someone else e.g.  son, grandson (if over 18) or maybe your next door neighbour.  Non-Catholics are certainly welcome.

If I was to offer you free tickets to football finals interstate, I think most could organise themselves to go!      I know it takes organising to go on this weekend and you are not however the gift it will be to you and your family could be    I encourage you to use this time to connect to your best self personally, as a Father, husband, son, or grandfather.    John's gospel has Jesus saying, "I have come to give you life and life to the full" (Jn 10:10)}. This is a unique opportunity for you, and the men of our parish.

If you would like to obtain more information in respect to this retreat contact any one of the 4 members of the planning committee:

Alf Vassallo  9545 4586

Brian Cox     9520 7263

Stuart Munn 040 0475 527

Ian Macdonald 9520 7868