Mass is now open to all (including those unvaccinated)

Positions are limited

The latest government restrictions affecting the parish and the changes we have made to stay connected.

Ways you can help us work different.

Need help dealing with isolation, reach out to us we can help.


Are you struggling with the isolation the pandemic brings? Would you like a parishioner to call you on the phone for a chat?

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many aspects of our normal life and the parish is no exception.

Please note when the information on this site was last updated as the situation is changing rapidly.

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Latest from Archdiocese 17th Oct.

From Monday October 18, public Masses, other liturgical celebrations, and church activities such as Sacramental preparation classes are permitted. It is not necessary to verify whether an attendee is vaccinated or not, but Covid Safe check-in is required.

  • 1 person per 4 square metres. 114 people allowed at Engadine - 44 at Heathcote.

  • At outdoor gatherings, the limit is 1 person per 2sqm.

  • Everyone uses masks, except when reading or presiding etc.

  • Hand Sanitiser will be at church entrances.

  • Attendees must check-in using the Service NSW App, or using a written record kept by the Parish.

  • Congregational singing is not permitted, but a socially distanced choir of up to 10 fully vaccinated people is allowed.

  • Readers, acolytes and other minsters are not required to be vaccinated, but recommended by the diocese.

  • Social gatherings whether indoors or outdoors are not recommended, given the continuing restrictions at places of hospitality even when all are vaccinated.

  • The situation with weddings and funerals is complicated! Contact the parish if this is a questions for you.

  • Note that clergy and others visiting schools and hospitals etc. are required to be fully vaccinated. This is a requirement for the future.

In some Parishes there is anxiety among parents and others about mixing between vaccinated and unvaccinated parishioners. We are following NSW health guidelines, and are meeting the requirements that remain for us regarding check-in, sanitising, masks, etc.

It is likely there will be a further easing of restrictions by December, but in the meantime the Archdiocese asks everyone to be patient and respectful of the different concerns that individuals have.


Our Alpha program would normal involve gathering and enjoying a meal together. This is not currently permitted therefore Alpha will be completed via Zoom with breakout rooms for each group.


Inurnment services are not permitted at present. These will recommence when the restrictions are lifted.