What is Friends of Maliana all about?

Where is Maliana

  • Maliana is in the Bobonaro Province of Timor Leste

  • Bobonara Province is on the border of Indonesia

  • Timor Leste is one of Australia's closest neighbours

Maliana is in Bobonaro province

Why are we Friends of Maliana

  • Maliana is a diocesan parish with a strong Salesian presence of priests, brothers and sisters

  • Maliana is the poorest community in the poorest country in the world

  • Without help, children and youth of the Parish struggle to gain the most basic education

  • Without an education and skill training youth have little chance of employment

  • To raise awareness of the importance of a commitment to social justice with the specific commitment to Maliana

  • To raise awareness in our Parish of the plight of the poorest community in the poorest country in the world

  • To raise funds to support various projects conducted by the Salesians in Maliana and Cailaco, Timor Leste

Upcoming fundraising events

Walking with Maliana 17 July 2022

Our fundraising focus this year is to raise enough to be able to send girls from Maliana to Dili to partake in a dressmaking/sewing course. While undertaking this course they need funds for accommodation, food, purchasing sewing machines and haberdashery. After completing their course they will bring the machine back to their village and be able to make a living from sewing.

We are proposing that parishioners register to walk in the Sutherland2Surf and get sponsors. We are suggesting we walk in a group to raise awareness of Maliana and Timor Leste, however, you can walk separately if you wish. We will have a tent set up upon completion of the walk in Don Lucas Reserve where we can all gather. When registering could you please register as the group “Walking with Maliana.”

Register here: Tradies Sutherland 2 Surf and please advise us using this link Walking with Maliana

Projects currently supported

Boarding School Cailaco Appeal_20210206by_VideoShow.mp4

Boarding School in Cailaco

The Salesian Sisters in Cailaco, Maliana are commencing to build a boarding school for children who currently walk many kilometres to the village for education. The boarding school will provide safe accommodation for these students. A generous donor has contributed the cost of construction.

Friends of Maliana have donated $15,000 toward fit out and equipment and the Mission in Action Fund donated another $35,000.

Sewing Courses

In mid 2018, the Cailaco Salesian Sisters contacted us with a new proposal. A significant number of young women from outlying areas of Maliana have little or no education. The sisters had decided that sewing courses should be offered in outlying Cailaco. The aim of the sewing course is to provide young women with work skills.

Sr Virgilia asked us if we would be able to fund the rental of a house for the school as well as the teachers’ salaries. So since 2018 we have been enabling the Salesian Sisters to run their sewing school by funding both the building, the teachers and the provision of sewing machines.

Dressmaking Scholarships

Since 2012, Friends of Maliana have supported the young women of Cailaco, providing year long scholarships for four young Cailaco women in office management and dressmaking in the Morano Centre in the distant town of Fuiloro.

Projects we have supported in the past

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Refurbishment of Chapel

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Maintenance of the Maliana Primary School

Replaced roof on Preschool Building with new wooden trusses and zinc, replace ceiling, windows and doors for four rooms, tiled floor and added railing for verandah.

Excavate soil from back of school building to put on the primary school playground in preparation for landscaping.

Shipment of urgent medical supplies

to Maliana Hospital during Covid lockdown

Donation of medical goods for the clinic

Distribution of rosary beads made by the parishioners of Engadine to the students in the Bosco Technical College run by the Salesians at Maumali (an outlying village of Maliana)

Dom Savio Cailaco Report Presentation Show (2)

Funding of the children’s feeding program at the Sao Domingos Savio pre-school, in the parish of Santa Cruz, Maliana,Cailaco. AND Tiling of the Sao Domingos Savio pre-school at Cailaco, in parish of Santa Cruz, Maliana

Provision of a three year teacher training scholarship at ICFP, Baucau, for a young man from Parish of Santa Cruz, Maliana

Click here for a Short History of Friends of Maliana

Pictures below during a visit from Engadine Parishioners to Maliana, Timor Leste

Fr Ernesto PP Maliana (white T-shirt) with some young parishioners at Mouliana, an outlying village in Maliana Parish.

Fr Belzito sjb with Kathleen and children of Mouliana

Fr Belzito sjb receiving the very first gift from the Engadine Bosco Community - net and volleyball equipment for the Haliko community, a small outlying village in Maliana Parish

Sisters Ernestino and Maria Vik, Salesian Sisters, with Fr Ernesto (PP Maliana) in Cailaco 2012

This gift of a traditional Timorese tais, woven by the young women for Hailiko

If you would like to be a Friend of Maliana, or help in some way, or want more information, contact Helen Gurney at hgurney7@gmail.com