How can I serve?

Ministry possibilities: -

We who have been blessed by God - wish to pass on the gifts & be signs and bearers of God's love!!

Below are some ways you might be able to do this within the context of our parish community.

Our Parish has 6 Pillars on which we strive to live the Kingdom of God -

I have divided up the ministries in this context.

If it says (New - Dreaming)

- that means the ministry has not started ...


Parish Pastoral Council:

Focus of Service: A group of people (10-12) who animate, and guide the ministry groups in our Parish. They LEG up the groups of the Parish. (Link, Encourage, Grow)

Length of commitment: 3 years (with an optional extra year) and then they step down before they can be invited back.

Nominations are accepted at any time, called for in June, discerned in August - and new members invited to the Sept. meeting.

Time associated with the commitment: A meeting on the third Thursday of each month from 7.00pm to 9 pm. A Saturday morning in October/Nov. 9am -1 pm to evaluate, and set the agenda for the year.

Between meetings, there is an expectation that members of the council will nurture relationships with people in the ministry groups they are responsible for.

Some members take on responsibilities within subgroups to animate or help activities in the parish.

Read more about this ministry. *Link to PPC Page*

To see present members of PPC.

Stewardship Team:

Focus of Service: Flowing from their own experience of gratitude to God - this group strives to awaken and live Stewardship of Time, Talents and Treasures.

Examples of things they have done:

They are behind the Gratitude Mass each year. They have promoted many of the welcome initiatives ... They look to awaken a sense of 'stewardship' - we have been gifted by God, and we strive to use these gifts well.

Read more about this ministry *Link to main Stewardship page*

Length of commitment: Yearly renewal.

Time associated with the commitment: Once a month (1st Wed at 7.30pm) and then participating in projects they take on board to help the above happen in our Parish.

Other roles in leadership and structure that are needed but we have yet to outline details are members of the Finance Committee, Practical Maintenance support for the Church and Parish Centre - (Thursday Group), and Cleaning of both Churches. If you would like to serve in any of these then contact Fr Mick


Music Ministry:

Focus of Service: Supporting Parish Community by sharing your gift for music to enhance our liturgies.

Length of commitment: Renewed each roster (approx 3 -4 months).

Time associated with the commitment: Time to practice, prepare your songs and at the Mass you support.

Ministries at the Eucharist:

Focus of Service: Supporting the celebration of our parish liturgies; Eucharistic ministers and Lectors.

Length of commitment: Renewed each year.

Time associated with the commitment: Depends on the role. Doing the training associated with each role; Ministers of the Eucharist, Lectors, Acolytes and Altar Servers. Then when rostered on, being at the liturgy about 15 minutes before it begins to prepare.

Read more about these ministries

Sacramental Team

Focus of Service: Supporting families and children involved in Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation.

Length of commitment: Renewed each year.

Time associated with the commitment: There are a number of roles within the team and it does depend on what roles you share in.

Some might help as a teacher. We have 3 sacramental programs. This means a 6 week teaching block for an hour on a Sunday afternoon.

You might like to help with the Focus sessions which are 4 sessions we do before a Sunday Mass for the children preparing for the Sacraments.

First we have two meetings to focus us and determine what we are doing.

Read more about this ministry *Link to sacremental life page*

Baptismal Team:

Focus of Service: A group of people who care for families when they are having their children baptised.

Length of commitment: Renewed each year.

Time associated with the commitment:

Two meetings a year to help form and guide the group. (Time of meetings are determined by the group.)

A meeting with couples (1-4) in your home about once every two months to help prepare the couples for the baptism ceremony. (Clear guidelines are provided and the meeting is usually for about 1 hour).

Some members of the team attend the Baptismal Enquiry Night (one every two months) 1st Thurs. of every second month at 7.30 pm, to support the new couples.

Follow up of couples is encouraged but left up to each team member.

Read more about this ministry *Page doesnt exist anymore*


SENT Youth Ministry team

Focus of Service: Being a "Presence" among our youth and community. Growing into a mature Christian Faith through prayer, community living, ministry and formation. Supporting the many Youth activities in our Parish, and more ...

Length of commitment: One Year.

Time associated with the commitment:

One night a week, formation.

A prayer time - one morning.

A commitment to a parish ministry.


Post Secondary School Youth.

Contact Matty H. for details.

To read more ... and see a video * Link to and OLD site somewhere*

If you are interested in helping Matt with this Ministry contact him to discuss possibilities. There are practical things in terms of organisation, helping with meals, etc.

There are also Logistics in terms of recording the connections and activities of the 10 youth who have said they wish to be involved. There are also other things that will evolve from within this Ministry that we have not forseen!

Youth Ministry:

Focus of Service: Supporting the many Youth activities that are part of our Parish. Antioch (16+), Connect Y6-9, EPG (Young Adults), Leadership Camps (16+), Salesian Camps for Y4-6, Sunday night 6 pm mass (all ages) music and other ministries, and more..

Length of commitment: Very Flexible and depends on the group and role.

Time associated with the commitment:

Very flexible and dependent on the ministry.

Contact Matty H. our Youth Minister to discuss how you might be able to share your gifts with our Youth, or support the many activities we strive to offer them.

Read more about this ministry *Link to Youth Matters page on old site, could link to their new individual site?*

Good Friday Liturgy of the Lord's Passion:

Focus of Service: Choosing a presentation of the Lord's Passion, and then directing the Youth to produce it.

Length of commitment: Now to Easter.

Time associated with the commitment: Choosing the presentation and practices with the youth. Once or twice a week and then intense practices leading up to the Good Friday.


Pastoral Care or Volunteers at John Paul Village:

Focus of Service: Support the residents at JPV with Pastoral Care or helping with activities.

Length of commitment: Renewed each year.

Time associated with the commitment: Very flexible and it is possible to work in with your other commitments.

Contact: Loretta Nichols

Bosco Caring Group:

Focus of Service: Supporting people! This can be in good times like a birth of a child, or in sickness or troubled times. Support can be in the form of a meal for the family, cards, or helping them as they need.

Length of commitment: Renewed each year.

Time associated with the commitment: Varies according to your availability and the call on the group from people.

Contact person is Jenny Piper

Pastoral Care and Liturgy around the time of Death: (New - Dreaming)

Focus of Service: A group of people caring for People around a time of Death and leading them in a ritual to inter their loved one's ashes. When the Columbarium is built (mid 2014) we have foreseen that some people will want a small ritual to intern the ashes of loved ones in one of our Columbarium Walls. We are looking to discern people to care for people at these times, and to guide and lead these rituals. Please pray for this ministry, and for the discernment of people to be part of it.

If you know of people you believe have gifts for this Ministry, please pass their names to Fr Mick. With the help of a group of Parishioners we will discern from these names and commission some parishioners for this important ministry.

Read more about this ministry *Page not found*



Focus of Service: Present the love of God to the children in the Primary Public Schools. This is done by teaching them Scripture once a week.

Length of commitment: One year.

Time associated with the commitment: Preparation and teaching of half hour class once a week. On either a Tues, Wed, or Thurs.

Lenten Groups:

Focus of Service: Help set up and/or run Lenten Groups that are aimed at nurturing the faith and relationships of parishioners. Advertising, animating and organising Parish Lenten Groups.

Length of commitment: February - Leaders will be setting up groups and choosing the program. March to mid April (6 Weeks) - supporting or running a Lenten Group each week.

Time associated with the commitment: Preparation and advertising. Then a meeting a week during Lent for facilitators or hosts.

Sacramental Support for Parents (New - Dreaming)

Focus of Service: Supporting parents who have children participating in Sacraments.

Length of commitment: One year - This program is very much a work in progress. I am trying to develop some useful resources. Time commitment will be up to you. You may contribute ideas, evaluation, and/or resources that we will gather or develop. Contact Fr Mick

Again there are other ministries within these groups- such as Bible Study, Discussion leaders, or hosts of a group, and more etc.


RCIA companions and supporters:

Focus of Service: Supporting people becoming Catholics or rediscovering their Catholic Faith. You walk with them as a support.

Length of commitment: Mid August to Easter (March or April - varies each year). Time associated with the commitment:

Fortnightly meetings during School Term on a Tuesday Evening from 7.30pm to 9.00pm.

A commitment to Parish Mass on the weekend. It varies which Mass.

Family Groups for Year levels at the Primary School

Length of commitment: One Year.

Time associated with the commitment:

Two activities a term - these vary based on the group.

A meeting a term to focus the team in its mission and to evaluate.

Young Married Couples Ministry (Dreaming)

Requirement: A heart and passion for marriage. Skills in organisation. Help lead and animate couples who are interested in this ministry.

Mentors for Young Married Couples: Couples who have a passion for marriage and who would like to support young couples nurture their relationship.

Requirement: A training day - and following through a resource on mentoring.

Time Commitment. Meetings with the couple determined by you both, maybe once a month, or once every two months.

Once a year gathering of all the people involved.

Welcoming Couples presenting children for Baptism

Focus of Service: People or Family take the responsibility of welcoming couple/individual presenting their child for Baptism at a parish masses. You give them a ring before the mass to congratulate them and tell them you will meet them before mass. You sit with them, and stand with them at the baptismal presentation.

Farewell them at the end of mass. That's all :)

Requirement: A heart and passion for welcoming people to our community. Attend a mass regularly -

6pm Saturday - 8am , 9.30am, or 6pm Sunday.

Time Commitment: A phone call the day or two before mass. 10 mins before mass to meet them and collect the stole and candle. During the mass be with them and present them with the stole and candle. A greeting to them after the mass wishing them well.