The following diagram provides a graphic explanation of the flow of funds from our Parish Mission in Action Fund.

Recent donations are shown below. Earlier donations are included in the Fund annual reports provided at the bottom of this page.


Following the transition of John Paul Village (JPV) from Parish managed to St Vincents Care Services (SVCS) our Parish receives an annual land lease payment from SVCS.

The Parish Mission in Action Fund

In 2019, with the commencement of the lease payments, Fr Mick and the Parish Leadership Teams agreed, with the support of parishioners, commenced a charity fund which is now called The Mission in Action Fund. The major part of the annual lease payments is paid into the Fund.

We expand on the work of the seven streams below and some of the projects we are supporting.


Salesian Missions Australia

This stream of the Mission in Action Fund is to enhance the work of the Salesians, and in particular through the Salesian Missions.

The Australian Salesian Missions Office was founded in the 1960’s and is part of the Salesians of Don Bosco – Australia-Pacific Province (Salesian Society (Vic) Inc.). As a Catholic organisation and followers of St John Bosco they are committed to helping youth build a better future, through education and vocational training.

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Don Bosco Youth and Education Centre, Suva Fiji $80,000 July 2022

You will recall in 2020 and 2021 that we donated $240,000 to assist Salesian Missions build Don Bosco Youth and Education Centre in Suva Fiji. There is a short video of thanks from the children. Who knows, one day we might see these children playing in our NRL or NBL, or maybe graduating from university.

As a matter of priority for the province, is the need to complete and finalise a number of the facilities and projects at the Centre in Suva, Fiji.

The projects we are supporting are;

  • The fit out of the kitchen facilities and equipment.

  • Establish a roadway into the grounds and erect large solar lighting for the paths and grounds.

Salesian Ukraine Emergency Appeal $30,000 April 2022

Russia invades Ukraine and many Ukrainians flee for safety across Eastern Europe.

In addition we are conducting a Disaster Relief Appeal for parishioners to donate to, which the Parish Fund will also match dollar for dollar.

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Don Bosco College and Vocational Centre in Salelologa, Samoa $70,000 September 2021

Our donation goes towards providing the hospitality training facilities, and support recurrent costs in providing core education for the teenage children of struggling families. Tourism is building up on the small island of Savaii, Samoa with lots of mini resorts springing up around the (quite beautiful) island. So offering a hospitality programme in the college should enable lots of genuine employment opportunities for graduates of the college.

Don Bosco Technical Centre, Alafua, Samoa $40,000 June 2021

To assist with the construction of a purpose-built kitchen/classroom facility, for practical lessons in cookery for the hospitality department. This purpose-built kitchen will function as a classroom for practical lessons. Graduates will be well placed to find employment opportunities to assist their families and develop a career in the local hospitality and tourism industry.


Our Parish Vision is to be a faith community growing with Christ, and His Church, building the Kingdom of God in the Salesian Charism.

This stream of the Parish Mission in Action Fund is to enhance the Vision and Mission of the Parish, as determined by the Parish Finance Committee and Mission Leadership Team.

Video camera equipment for Engadine Church $11,000

During the Covid pandemic it became apparent that one way of keeping some form of 'parish community' involvement was to stream Mass each week. Initially we used borrowed equipment. Now, using the Pastoral Stream, we have purchased equipment that can live stream Masses, funeral or other service.


This stream acknowledges the excellent work done by many external charities. Up to five external charities will be identified via parishioner ballot where they are deemed to enhance the Vision and Mission of the Parish. These five charities will receive an annual donation from the Parish Fund for a period of five years, after which time a further ballot will be held.

The five charities currently being supported are shown below. Amounts were determined by the level of support for each charity in the ballot.

Youth Off The Streets, $18,100pa

Founded by the Salesian Priest Fr Chris Rielly in 1991. Youth Off The Streets is a not-for-profit youth organisation. They work with young people, their families and communities to create safety, offer support and provide opportunities to build a positive future.

Melissa Roberts Foundation $11,100pa

This not for profit organisation was established in 2011 by parishioners Faye and Bruce Roberts in loving memory of their beloved daughter Melissa, an ex student of Bosco College Engadine. The foundation conducts fundraising, and offers a wide range of support and services around illnesses including voice hearing, paranoia and childhood trauma.

Beyond Blue, $7,900pa

An Australian independent non-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, suicide, anxiety disorders and other related mental illnesses, whatever their age and wherever they live.

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, $6,700pa

A community-led, non-for-profit organisation that is committed to upholding the human rights of all people seeking asylum. Free of Federal Government funding, the ASRC is Australia's largest independent provider of aid, healthcare, education, employment and legal assistance for people seeking asylum.

Sylvanvale Foundation Limited, $6,200pa

A local charity, providing children with a disability a better quality of life. Sylvanvale supports more than 750 children and adults with disability throughout the Sydney metropolitan area and Blue Mountains to live and participate in the community, as they choose. One of their services is Mikarie Child Care Centre, which is shown in this little video.


Disaster Relief Appeals will be conducted within the Parish from time to time as the need is determined. The Parish Fund will match parishioner donations to such appeals on a dollar for dollar basis. Amounts shown below are the donations from the Fund, matching Parishioner donations.

Salesian Missions Ukraine Appeal $3,663 matching parishioner donations plus $30,000 under Salesian Works (shown above) June 2022

Salesians in Poland, Czech Republic and Slolvakia have sent dozens of humanitarian convoys to Ukraine, containing medical supplies, food, blankets, power generators, personal hygiene items. Salesian Missions Australia has launched an Emergency Appeal to bring aid to refugees. We supported this appeal.

NSW Flood Appeal, $10,669 February 2022

Many people across our state were confronted by severe floods, particularly on the north coast. Many people were displaced with homes and contents ruined.

Archbishop's Afghan Refugee Appeal, $1,765 September 2021

We watched in horror and heart break at the images of a terrorised population fleeing the Taliban in Afghanistan. We supported the Archbishops appeal.


Australia is a large country, with much of the land sparsely populated.

The aim of this stream is to support evangelisation in remote areas of Australia by providing financial assistance to a Catholic parish or parishes in order for them to remain open and serving their parishioners. This financial assistance may be in the form of capital maintenance or recurrent operating costs.

Our first Remote Regional Parish to be assisted will be Streaky Bay/Ceduna, in South Australia.


Our local Vinnies team will be able to draw on this allocation of funds to assist individuals or family parishioners who are having difficulty meeting their rent payments or home loan repayments.

In order to protect the privacy of the individuals concerned, we will not be publishing any details of who have been helped by the scheme. Confidentiality will be retained within the Vinnies team and the Parish Priest.


The work of the Mission in Action Fund is only possible due to the transition of John Paul Village (JPV) to St Vincent Care Services in 2019. JPV, as it is affectionately known, was opened in 1985 due to the diligence of Fr John Briffa sdb, and a group of dedicated Parishioners. It operated continuously since that time until 2019 as a Parish entity, providing a vibrant home for many parishioners and their families.

The Aged Care Stream is to provide for any parishioners in need of an Aged Care Home, but unable to meet the cost of the residence themselves. In order to protect the privacy of the individuals concerned, we will not be publishing any details of who have been helped by the scheme.