Are you able to assist with the operating costs of our Parish Community?


Our members are well versed in Finance and Accounting, and have considerable experience as part of the Parish community.

Our current members are:

  • Father Michael Court (Parish Priest), Kevin Gurney (Chair), Mark Lennon, Joe Zappia, Gayle Anderson, Brian Fitzgerald, Liz Urquhart, and Paul Dewberry (Operations Manager)


The Finance Committee works closely with the parish priest, as a consultative body, who is accountable to the Archbishop for the administration and stewardship of the temporal goods of the parish.

The Code of Canon Law and the Archbishop requires every parish to have a Finance Committee. An active, well-formed Parish Finance Committee is a key element for promoting the financial health of a parish, assuring accountability and assisting the Parish Priest with his temporal responsibilities. πŸ“The Statutes for Finance Committees

Our role can be broken down into four categories as follows. Use the links to find out more about each category

Mission in Action Fund Seven streams flowing from our Mission in Action Fund


Maintenance, planning, construction, insurance, cleaning and gardening


Statutes, Policies, Terms of Reference, Structure, Delegated authority


The parish reduces its running costs through the generosity of the parishioners who volunteer their time and talents. We have so many talented individuals; electricians, gardeners, cleaners, accountants, carpenters, musicians, the list goes on. All of these volunteers help the Parish keep the running costs down.

No matter how much parishioners give of their Time and Talents there will always be a need for giving of our Treasures. Some expenses cannot be diminished, eg. council and water rates, insurances, electricity, etc. So it is vital that parishioners continue to give generously toward the operational costs of the Parish, via the Direct Giving Program.

Our Staff

Our two finance and administration staff, Paul Dewberry and Tara Anderson, are most helpful and friendly and are ready to assist you when needed. Tara has resigned, moving to an accounting firm where she will get more experience in finance. We are currently interviewing for her replacement.

Our Volunteer Groups who reduce the operating costs of the Parish:

Church Cleaners at Engadine and Heathcote; Lawn Mowing Team; Maintenance Team; Gardeners; Memorial Garden Team; Direct Giving Team;

  • If you have any questions for the Finance Team

  • If you wish to volunteer for one of the Parish work groups

  • If you have any questions about the Finance Web Page

Please contact Paul Dewberry or Tara Anderson on 95208277 or email

Paul at

Or Tara at


The Parish conducts three special collections per annum to raise money to cover our contribution to the Charitable Works Fund (CWF). Parishes are levied 10% of their Direct Giving and 20% of all other income (eg. rent) for the CWF contribution. Any shortfall in the three special collections must be made up from our Direct Giving income.

You can donate to the CWF at anytime via clicking on:

Secure link for Parish Payments and Donations