If you choose to do the lawn mowing on another day other than the Saturday, please let the Parish Centre by calling 02 9520-8277

Let the Parish Office know if there are any fuel or mower problems (e.g. blades etc.). All grass cuttings can be placed in the green garbage bins. Lawnmower and the petrol are provided.

If you cannot make your rostered day please arrange a swap with a person from an upcoming date on this roster.


This is a group of men who help maintain the church and the parish centre. They do basic maintenance and servicing tasks and general tidying up on Thursday mornings. They are always looking for willing helpers.

🕿 Contacts

Paul Dewberry - (02) 9520 8277


Volunteers are always welcome


Generally, attending the Friday morning Mass held at 9:20 am this amazing group of volunteers, known as the "Friday Ladies", not only keep the church spick and span but also decorate the church with flowers for weddings and other special, festive occasions. After all the hard work is done generally lunch is enjoyed together.

🕿 Contacts

Debbie Strudwick - (02) 9520 8277


This is a generous group of people who are rostered to keep our sacred Church at Heathcote in good order.

📅 Current Roster

🕿 Contacts

Paul Dewberry - (02) 9520 8277


Friday mornings around ten, the cleaning angels appear.

This commitment has been for many a year.

They prepare God’s house with loving care

for a warming welcome when we gather for prayer.

The kneelers go up, stray papers collected,

floors swept and vacuumed, no corner neglected.

The candles are trimmed, the altar liturgically dressed

and for special occasions flowers arranged on request.

Whether sweeping a floor or dusting a pew

someone always takes time to ask “How’s things with you?”

You know they are happy to lend you an ear

or a comforting shoulder to shed a tear.

They tackle the job with genuine pleasure

but the friendships they’ve made are what they treasure.

So when the tasks are completed and our Church is prepared

they adjourn next door where lunch and stories are shared.