In the Eucharist, Jesus gives himself completely to us. Jesus becomes the spiritual food we need.

First Communion

Candidates must be baptised Catholic and be in Year three or above by the time they will participate in the Eucharist. If you are an adult wishing to take First Holy Communion please visit our RCIA Adult Faith page for assistance.

We have a 4 stage approach and encourage families to help their children participate in each stage.

holy communion registration

reflection session

We ask families for a $50 contribution towards the cost of the Sacramental program.


Kay Macadam is our sacramental coordinator and is always ready to assist with your enquiries. Email her at

enrolment ritual

focus sessions

Stage 1: Reflection

The session outlines the Sacramental journey for First Holy Communion.

At least one parent/carer MUST attend the Parent/Reflection Information session are held in the Parish Centre.

Please ensure you sign in at the welcome table upon arrival and collect your pack, alternatively print the activities and booklets at home and bring them to your Enrolment Rite and Focus Sessions.

Your weekly celebration of the Eucharist is the most powerful lesson for your child as it shows them what the Eucharist means to you.

Your child's First Holy Communion journey starts with an Enrolment Ritual. This beautiful ritual of prayer, blessing and hope which First Holy Communion candidates and their parents / carers MUST attend. Please bring your completed Hope Card with you to give to your child.

The enrolment rituals are held at each weekend mass (in Engadine) on the dates:

Stage 2: Preparation

Teacher / Catechist lead learning

St John Bosco Primary School Candidates will begin their preparation at school and can also complete the online preparation session if they wish.

Children from the parish who attend other schools must complete the online focus sessions, booklets and activities.

Register HERE for Focus Sessions.

Focus Session Masses

a chance to be involved in your child's journey

we encourage all parents / carers to guide their children in all focus session masses.

Register - for a Mass at Engadine Church, advise your individual names and place (FHC) in brackets.

Prepare - All candidates/parents must view the online focus session prior to attending Mass. Emailed to you or on the parish website.

Celebrate - Attend the parish Mass and collect a take-home activity sheet.

Evaluate - All candidates/parents complete the online response form emailed to you.

Focus Sessions

  1. Getting ready - by ensuring you view the focus session presentation prior to attending the Mass.

  2. Complete the focus session activity sheets (see below)

  3. Complete and share your feedback

Family Reflection Morning

Commencing with Mass at 9:30am, then proceeding to the Parish Centre for morning tea (when permitted) and reflections. Although all First Holy Communion candidates and their families are invited, attendance is not compulsory and places may be limited.

Stage 3: Celebration

Want to volunteer to assist during the Mass? Please Register HERE.


Bring your child to the Chapel where they will be supervised by the Sacramental team, Catechists or other volunteers from the parish. This is a time for reflection, prayer, last minute questions and practices.


Seating plans will be on display, please take your seat. Your child's Pew Decoration will be at the end of your allocated pew.


  • Candidates will process to their allocated pew during the entrance hymn, prior to the priest, acolytes and altar servers.

  • Mass will proceed as usual.

  • During Liturgy of the Eucharist the Sacramental team will usher each family to process down the aisle so that the candidate can receive communion.

NOTE: only candidates will receive Holy Communion at this time, the remaining congregation members will take communion after all candidates (when permitted).

  • Prayer after communion is often practised, your child may use their prayer cards at this time, however, each individuals prayer life with Jesus is personal and unique, so this is not compulsory.

  • Exit and take photos - a special area will be setup for photographs in the church courtyard for before and after Mass, in addition photographs may be taken in the church after Mass.

Certificates will be handed out at the conclusion of the Celebration Masses.

Got Feedback on your First Communion experience?

Stage 4: living

Now that you have completed First Holy Communion you can enroll to assist at church Masses as an Altar Server. If you are interested please visit our Altar Server page or contact the Parish Priest or Kay Macadam.

๐Ÿ“‘activities and booklets