faith for adults

Adult Faith Formation is simply the continual commitment by adult Catholics to strengthen their discipleship in Jesus Christ through ongoing catechesis, prayer, sacrament, and service.

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Our parish would like to welcome all Catholics and Christians alike, whether you are locals to the area or just visiting. We have a number of groups for adults designed to help you explore, grow and serve.

Alpha is open to all, not just Catholics. It provides an opportunity for people to explore the essential components of the Christian Faith. See more.

Not yet a Catholic and thinking you might like to understand the Church better, why not join our RCIA program and learn more.

Are you looking for a way to be more involved in your community? to share your knowledge, time and gifts with others? Why not join one of our Parish Groups? We are always looking for volunteers.

The Bishops outline three key goals of Adult Faith Formation:

  1. Inviting and enabling ongoing conversion to Jesus in holiness of life: helping adults acquire an attitude of conversion to the Lord leading adults to repentance of sin, reconciliation through the sacraments and deepening faith in Jesus

  2. Promoting and supporting active membership in the Christian community: helping adults make a conscious and firm decision to live the faith through membership in the Christian community inviting and supporting baptized adults in their co-responsibility for the Church's mission and life

  3. Calling and preparing adults to act as disciples in mission to the world: inviting baptized adults to evangelization and justice in the world