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If you're not currently a member of our Church, we'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to one of our

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Central to our vision as a Parish Community is a desire for us to be a "Christ centred" community in the Salesian tradition. In practice this  means we long to be like 

  • a Home that welcomes,
  • a Parish that evangelises for Christ,
  • a School that supports you on all    stages of the life journey, and
  • a Playground for friends to gather and meet.
Fr Mick Court    (Parish Priest)  

Hi, I am Matty H., and
I am the Youth Minister for the Parish.  We have many dreams to help the Youth and also many cool things happening.  Come and explore our Youth website -:)  You can contact me at matt@youthmatters.org.au or on 9548-2495

Hi, I am the Parish Secretary, Robyn Worsley.  My work hours are Tues. to Friday from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

I look forward to meeting you and responding to anything I can do to help.
I can be contacted on 9520 8277 or boscosecretary@gmail.com

Celebrating & Giving Thanks

Congratulations to John & Judy Minehan who celebrate their 52nd Wedding Anniversary this week.

Birthday Blessings to Lawrence Lobo, Julia Fitzgerald, Jo Woods & Janis Laws.

Thanks Be to God for the gift of Antioch to our Youth and for all who helped make last weekend happen.  We give thanks to the youth who shared their stories in talks and led ministries such as music and activities. Many thanks to our parent couple Richard and Judy McMahon, to Tony and Janis Laws who coordinated the food, Matty Humphreys and Felicity Walton who co-ordinated God Squad and to James McMahon and Rebecca Kos who were the leaders of the weekend.   Also thanks to Parishioners who helped with workshopping the youth in their talks, accommodation and providing food or helping with meals over the weekend!   It is a big team.

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